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Melinda’s HOT New Product Contest

Melinda's Hot Contest

How to Enter:
**Entries accepted until September 31st, 2007

It’s Easy and Fun to enter just follow the steps below:

If you are not a Phattie Member,
1. a. Complete Member’s Registration and click JOIN.

If you are already a Phattie Member,
1. b. Login in using your email and password.

2. Select ““ My Page- from Main Menu bar
3. Select ““ My Cookbook- from your Member Page
4. Select ““ Add Recipe- from link
5. Select ““ Recipe Type- Sauces
6. Complete recipe information, including name.
a. In the ingredients area make sure to specify which Melinda’s® product you used. Need Melinda’s® product, select the link below.
7. In Tags field enter; Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Marinade, Hot Sauce
8. MOST IMPORTANT ““ Select the “Submit to Melinda’s® Contest” check box
9. Finally select the “Add Recipe” button and you are done!

To purchase Melinda’s® Products click here

**Each and every submission will be shown as private until the contest is over. We don’t want anyone seeing your secret recipe. All of the recipes will be published on November 15th, 2007. You may remove them from ““My Cookbook- at anytime or you can elect to have them stay public.

Nick Lindauer

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