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Review: Monty’s Death Lizard Hot Sauce & Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

Extract sauces have always been my favorite, but I do enjoy something else every once in a while, and lately I have been in the mood for non extract sauces. in the last month I have eaten every non extract sauce in the house, which was quite a few bottles and other than my occasional toothpick in the 5 mill or da bomb tfa I haven’t had any extracts. I started getting the craving for a real burn at lunchtime today at work so when I got home I grabbed this from the fridge. It has a nice looking label, and a dark red sauce inside, I took a quick look at the label and ingredients and decided it should be just what I was looking for. I first tried a teaspoon of it, and it wasn’t very tasty. I actually like the flavor of some extract sauces, but I have found that tomato based sauces with extracts I don’t like at all, if it’s a pepper and vinager base I usually don’t mind the extract flavor. This one is a tomato base though and it tastes like all other tomato based extract sauces. it is hot though and that makes it worth eating, im just going to have to find the right way to eat it is all. Usually with a sauce like this I either put it in chili, or mix it with something that will overpower the extract flavor a little. Refried beans is great to mix with this type of sauce and since im looking for something quick so I can get to bed, I decided to make nachos. There was also about a cup of refried beans left in the fridge from taco’s the other day so I mixed a tablespoon of sauce into it and evenly distributed it onto a plate of chips then added nacho cheese, tomato’s and shredded cheese and micro waved it. the end result wasn’t what I was hoping for but it was good, the beans did a great job at killing the extract flavor, but unfortunately they also killed the heat. I still got sweaty and red faced and open sinuses that super hot sauces give you but I had very little burn in my mouth. My second taste test was in a batch of buffalo chicken dip, and it was the perfect sauce for it, usually I use blair’s sudden death or maddog 357. this sauce is similar to sudden death and worked nicely in the recipe, which I will include below this review.

All in all it’s a decent sauce for cooking but it really doesn’t stand out from the rest.

Ingredients: Chile peppers(may contain habanero peppers, jalapeno peppers, red savina habanero peppers, red peppers), onion, vinegar, lime juice, tomato paste, garlic and spices, chile extract.
All un-natural ingredient’s no preservatives.

Manufactured for Monty’s Gourmet Foods L.L.C
1006 South Elm Ottawa, KS 66067-3232
character artwork by Dave Kellett creator of the Sheldon comic strip

Taste: 2/10

Smell: 3/10

Thickness/consistency: it’s a little thicker than I like but the consistence is good and its pour able. 6/10

Heat: I have decide to quit giving a # / # rating for heat because it just seems to confuse people. Some people do it with 10 being the hottest and 1 being not hot, and some people, like I have done in the past, would do it with 1 being the wrong heat level and 10 being the perfect heat level. I have decided instead to just talk about the heat level and try to describe it for this portion of the review. This sauce is not the hottest extract sauce that I have eaten but it is definitely hot enough to satisfy the most extreme chili head out there. In the right amount I can use it directly on my food at the table, but any non chili head probably wouldn’t be able to handle it and would be better off using it in cooking where it is extremely diluted. Hopefully this helps and gives you a good idea of the heat level of this sauce.

Overall: 5/10

Buffalo chicken dip

If your looking for the perfect super bowl snack this is it, I don’t think I have ever made this dip for a new group of people without having at least one person ask me for the recipe. Its fairly easy to make and takes about 45 minutes total with 30 of that being cook time.

1. 3/4 cup celery (minced fine)
2. 16oz cream cheese
3. 4 oz franks red hot or similar sauce
4. 1 oz of your favorite tomato or vinegar based extract sauce, in this case monty’s death lizard.
5. a few splashes of a thinner sauce ex Tabasco, hazmat, crazy mother puckers liquid lava.
6. 2 13 oz cans of chicken drained
7. 1 cup ranch dressing
8. 1 ½ cup shredded cheddar cheese note: shot glasses are 2oz I use them to measure the hot sauce since I don’t have any oz sized measuring devices. Drain chicken and set it to the side mix celery, cream cheese, franks red hot and Monty’s death lizard in a large saucepan over low heat. Add chicken. Take off heat; add ranch dressing pour into small casserole pan.

Death Dip

Top with shredded cheddar cheese. bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. enjoy with tortilla chips or crackers! Note: if you want to make a milder version of this sauce for the whole family to enjoy use 5 oz of franks red hot and leave out the extract sauce, also use Tabasco on top instead of any of the extract sauces I recommended.

Death Dip