Posted October 22, 2012 by chilebrown in Bloggers


My wife and I are certified Kansas City Barbeque Society judges. I have recently achieved the coveted status of ‘Master Judge”. A lot of our weekends we are at events tasting and scoring some of the best BBQ in the nation. When we are at home we still love to eat barbeque. Lately we have been trying to lower our fat and salt intake. The unfortunate fact is a lot of flavor is the result of fat and salt.Moore’s Marinade has a line of sauces and marinades that may help us eat a little healthier. ‘Moore’s Original’ marinade, originated in Alabama over 40 years ago. This marinade claims that it is gluten free, fat free and tastes less salty. We are going to try this marinade on pork tenderloin. The tenderloins are very lean and we trim any visible fat. This will be a good taste test of ‘Moore’s Original’ marinade