Posted September 21, 2007 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

More Free Hot Sauce!

Left as a comment – but wanted to bring it to everyones attention…

FREE HOT SAUCE OFFER – for all you bloggers who want a FREE bottle, we have one for you. NO SHIPPING COSTS. NADA. NOTHING. ZIP. GRATIS. FREE.

here’s all you do: the first 50 people to email us and say “ i want some free hot sauce” will get a bottle mailed to them. no obligation, no cost.
might be habanero, might be cayenne. might be jalapeno.
all we ask is the answers to a few questions:
name, address, city state zip of course.
favorite brand of hot sauce.
where do you buy most of your hot sauce?
how often do you eat hot sauce?
how do you eat hot sauce? on what food? in recipes or straight from bottle.

we want market research and you want a free bottle. no answers means no free hot sauce though. fair is fair. and we will sign any bottle if you ask. limited to first 50 people only. tell your friends. GO!

SCU Foods. L.L.C.
Erie, PA

Nick Lindauer

The Original Hot Sauce Blog