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More Heat From Canada

Charlottetown drum crafter Amiel LeBlanc brews up four sizzling hot sauces to torch the tongues of like-minded hot sauce aficionados.
The Guardian

Some like it hot.

But hot sauce lovers like it hotter.

And Amiel LeBlanc of Cardigan has ignited his love of tongue-sizzling hot sauces into a business with four fiery delights made with the raging heat of the trademarked Red Savina habanero peppers.

“It’s the hottest habanero in the world,” this P.E.I. drum crafter says from his Funkfactory Drum Shop in Charlottetown where a Wall of Fire section is devoted to his sauces and other specialty brands.

To put the heat into perspective, on the Scoville heat units scale, a jalapeño pepper rates at 2,500 to 8,000, but a Red Savina habanero is a scorching 580,000. And the Red Savina extract that LeBlanc uses in his Give ‘Er sauce is 1.5-million Scoville units.

LeBlanc brewed his first big batch of hot pepper sauce nearly eight years ago to send some to a Island friend out west.

He bottled up the rest for Christmas gifts.

Production really heated up when he presented some sauces along with his drums at craft shows a few years ago.

He now produces a series of four sauces: a garlic-flavoured Simply Savina, a mustard-based Yellow Devil, the extra-extra hot Give ‘Er Sauce and a mango-peach sauce called Mango Madness. Read the entire story here

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