Posted March 13, 2006 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

More New HSB Features

A lot of folks noticed some changes here on the HSB yesterday, all good things to help your commenting experience. I wanted to make things easier with the growing number of comments and I’ll be adding a few more features next week as well. Here’s the new stuff (from top to bottom):

Print This
Print This Post
When you click on the “Print This Post” link, you will be taken to a printer friendly version of the post. It will not print the comments section however.

Quote This
Quote This
You can now click on the “Quote This” link and it will automatically quote a given comment in your comment. Very useful when you responding to random comments in a long thread or when you want to be sure folks know what the heck you’re talking about. Looks like this when your comment is posted:

Quoted Comment

Comment Preview:
Since spell check for comments is such a pain to implement, I’ve started a comment preview option. Before leaving a comment, you can now click the preview button and you will be taken to a comment preview page that will show you your comment (with formatting, quotes etc…) and the other comments on the post.

Comment Preview
You can also skip the preview and just “Say It”

Missed Something?
This feature is not 100% functional right now – but it’s still pretty handy. The ultimate goal of this feature will be to list up to 10 posts that have been commented on since your last visit. It will also list the number of comments on those posts that you have not read. By clicking the post name, you’ll be taken to the post and can read things from the beginning. If you click the number, it will take you to the oldest unread comment since your last visit. This feature is located in the right sidebar at the very bottom.
Missed Something
Issues with Missed Something:
– Comments on pages are not cleared when they have been read.
– Mark all as read link does not work (not currently displayed)
– When there are no new messages, a default message needs to be displayed.

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