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Mr Pickles – Fiery Birdseye

Mr Pickles - Fiery BirdseyeMr Pickles is not a company I have heard of I must admit so I have no idea what I am to expect with this little number.

The name on the label says “Fiery Birdseye” so I know what Chilli has been used but then underneath they mention “Rogan Josh Heat 5/10”. This is a little confusing as I then think this is a Rogan Josh sauce but it’s not, I guess they have compared it to the heat you might get from a typical Rogan Josh. I haven’t personally eaten that dish so means little to me.

There is also a mini review on the side of the bottle telling me what I should expect, so Im well prepared!

Anyway enough of the labelling! The taste is the really important thing so let’s get it opened.

The sauce is bright red which is no surprise as the main ingredient is tomato and I get the tomato and lemon juice followed by the burn from the Birdseye Chillis. I think I agree with the 5/10 heat rating on the bottle.

It tastes nice, and is full of flavour, the label suggests just adding this to tinned tomatoes and meat/veg/potatoes to produce a Rogan Josh, but as far as I am aware it needs curry ingredients too and this doesn’t have them apart from garlic and paprika.

The label does suggest adding to Bolognese or Chilli Con Carne which would be nice.

Ingredients: Tomatoes, Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Birdseye Chilli, Sugar, Paprika, Garlic, Salt, Pepper.

Bottle kindly supplied by Mr Pickles

So in summary, this is a tasty sauce, more of a cooking sauce than a pouring one but none the less a nice product from a small UK producer.

At the time of writing I am unable to clarify the price of the product.


[Rating: TBA

P.S. it is suitable for Vegetarians and Coeliacs.

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