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Mr Vikki’s – Hot Lime Pickle

Mr Vikki's - Hot Lime PickleI have always viewed Lime Pickle as one of those Marmite products, you either love it or you hate it and luckily I love it. It hasn’t always been that way though, my first few curry house visits saw me avoid this lumpy condiment like the plague!

But I’m over that now, in fact Chilli pickles are now my favourite area of the chilli world.

And I now have in front of me a bag of poppadum’s ready to try this Hot Lime Pickle.

Ingredients: Limes 80%, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Chilli, Fresh Ginger, Mustard, Fenugreek, Vinegar, Spices

Jar kindly supplied by Mr Vikki’s 

I have always been a fan of Mr Vikki’s labelling, the only criticism I had was that the back labels were a bit of a let-down being plain black and white. So it’s great to see the back label on this jar in the familiar bright yellow and also includes the nutritional values for those who need to see it.

The view through the glass is just as you would expect Lime pickle to be, large lumps of lime are visible along with various types of seed and oil.

I’m not disappointed once the jar is opened, the familiar smell is getting my taste buds going so I tuck into the contents, there is lots of texture from nice lumps of lime skin and lime flesh mixed with the other ingredients. Goodness knows how you make lime skin edible in the first place, but the jar says “Extra Matured” so I can only imagine it takes time! The taste is just like being sat in the curry house.

Half a jar later an all the poppadum’s gone I’ve come to my conclusion that this is up there with the best hot chilli pickles I have had.

A 210g jar is £3.50 and should last a few takeaways if you have more will power than me!



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