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Mushroom & Pepper Extracts May Fight Chronic Arthritis Pain & Much More

Albany, NY (PRWEB) January 3, 2005 — One small company in upstate New York is betting on Mother Nature to find an all around cure for chronic pain, and possibly even cancer. SiCap Industries manufacturers a line of “Capsaicin” based natural health products aimed at the (Sinus, Headache, Cosmetic, and Weight Loss) markets. Capsaicin is a natural chemical produced by hot pepper plants of the “Capsicum” variety. These plants include Cayenne, Jalapeno, Habanero, and (to the weakest extent), even Paprika.

SiCap”s first product was released in late 2004, and since then it”s sales have skyrocketed into those of an international best seller. The product known as “Sinus Buster,” is the world”s first and only hot pepper nasal spray. When Sinus Buster was launched last January, many skeptics disregarded it as a joke, but this incredible nasal spray has since proven itself to be a true breakthrough for relieving chronic sinus conditions and headaches including migraines.

In fact, SiCap has hundreds of doctors that regularly recommend their unique cayenne nasal spray for a variety of headache, sinus, and allergy conditions. Furthermore, another recent SiCap product that appears to be taking the market by storm is “PepperCare”. This strange creamy blend features capsaicin and fourteen other herbal ingredients mixed in a Shea Butter base. PepperCare skin cream has already garnered a reputation for being highly effective against a variety of Dermatitis related conditions, and it”s also being called a viable anti-wrinkle cream.

With SiCap”s reputation for innovative and highly effective capsaicin health products, it”s no wonder the company is now expanding their horizons. SiCap has recently begun developing a program using capsaicin in conjunction with various mushroom extracts to create alternative therapies for chronic pain. Moreover, the company is also working on natural (capsaicin / mushroom) compounds that could eventually be used in cancer treatment and prevention.

“We know that capsaicin has shown itself to be a potential cancer fighter, and it”s proven to be a chronic pain fighter, but through some very preliminary testing we”ve found that by adding certain mushroom extracts, the formula appears to have a more profound effect on chronic pain and inflammation. Our goal is to come up with something that could be tested in a real world study with chronic pain patients through a neutral entity such as a medical university,” says Wayne Perry, president of SiCap Industries.

Perry claims his company first started focusing on chronic arthritis pain after hearing many anecdotal reports from customers using SiCap”s popular daily capsaicin supplement known as “Pepper Boost”. While SiCap promotes Pepper Boost as a daily supplement aimed at boosting the metabolism and aiding in weight loss, it has also turned out to be of help to many chronic pain sufferers.

“As we started finding this out from people – especially arthritis patients, we got very excited until we realized these customers were literally buying cases at a time and drinking a 2 ounce bottle everyday. That”s great for sales, but not very cost effective for the consumer,” Perry admits.

Originally, Pepper Boost was designed to be sprayed directly on foods, or in the mouth for a quick “pick me up”. The intent was to use Pepper Boost throughout the day, thus getting all the benefits of capsaicin, and allowing it to build up into your system. By following this daily regimen, the formula increases overall metabolic activity and circulation.

“The whole idea was to give the user as much pure capsaicin as possible without uncomfortable burning and after taste. Boost tastes really good. It tastes a hell of alot better than master cleanser, and it”s lime based with a touch of honey. Plus we also use feverfew extract and green tea extract along crystallized Vitamin C. Once we started hearing from customers who were drinking the stuff, I started my own mother on a regimen drinking three ounces a day. She has lupus with rheumatoid arthritis, and she”s been on Celebrex, Vioxx, and lots of Prednisone for years. She”s never felt completely good, but the Cox 2 drugs did help. Of course suddenly it hit the news that patients should stop taking the Cox inhibitors. Anyway, after about a month on pepper boost, my mom not only feels better, but she looks better. She does complain she sweats more than normal, but that”s because her metabolism is moving faster as the capsaicin increases circulation, and this should weasr off somewhat. We”re very positive that we”ve stumbled onto something really good here, but we plan on taking it much farther,” Perry explains.

Perry admits the formula his mother uses is a tweaked version of “Pepper Boost,” sporting a higher concentration of capsaicin and Green tea extract. More importantly, Perry says this formula also contains several tinctures made from commercially available organic mushrooms.

“I first got interested in the medicinal properties of mushrooms after hearing from several doctors researching headaches. Many scientists correspond with us on a regular basis because they are fans of sinus buster and capsaicin. Several researchers turned me onto clinical data supporting the anti-inflammatory properties of compounds found in mushrooms. Then I found data concerning mushrooms and the immune system. It turns out the polysaccharides, and other byproducts found in certain mushrooms have been shown to kill the growth of cancer cells just as capsaicin has been shown to do. That got me to thinking if I could combine these properties just right … .maybe we could find a cure for chronic inflammatory diseases and possibly down the road … ..cancer. I mean just imagine,” says Perry.

Now that SiCap is close to launching this new version of Pepper Boost (Slated for release in February), their biggest concern has been to deliver it to the consumer in a cost effective way. Because the product is a liquid, a month”s supply must be packaged in three 32-ounce bottles – a far cry from the (2 ounce) bottle of the original Pepper Boost spray.

“We wanted to find a way to make it cost effective. I mean we”re in the business of helping people, not simply profiting off them. Today, pepper boost sells at $9.99 for a two ounce bottle, but the new boost will retail at just $15.00 for a 32 ounce bottle which is a 10 day supply. We plan on selling a month”s supply which is three 32 ounce bottles, for $39.95 which breaks the cost down even more to around 13 bucks a bottle. So for a month of use we”re talking a little more than a dollar a day. That”s pretty damned good,” boasts Perry.

So what if SiCap”s new boost really does what the company hopes it will? That could mean we have a new and highly effective chronic pain reliever that”s natural and safe. Originally designed to boost the metabolism and help users lose weight, this new formula may also make a big difference for keeping a healthy immune system, and possibly aiding in the prevention of certain cancers.

To find out more about SiCap Industries and their line of natural capsaicin based products, visit the company website at ( ). You can also find out about the current Pepper Boost formula at ( ). Samples and information kits are available for qualified media, medical, and retail personnel by contacting SiCap Industries directly.

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