Posted August 29, 2006 by Anthony in Makers

Muso’s Ebay Deal and New Reviews

Muso's eBay deal

I am sure some of you savvy chili-heads out there that scour the internet for hot sauce deals has come across the deal that Muso (Mike) from Hotternell has had on eBay (auction link here). Well I was lucky enough to get one of these in my hands and all I have to say is that if you don’t grab one soon you are missing out on an amazing offer.

If you ever wanted to spice up your own sauces, chilis, stews or experiment making your own sauces this is the place to start. On top of that you get some amazing collectables which are worth the price alone.

Another reason to consider this is if you are curious as to how hot some of those collectables you have are. Well the range of 1-5 Million pure capsaicin oleoresin should satisfy that.

You missed out on Blair’s 16 Million or can’t afford to dish out for one? Well you can get the equivalent here. A 1/2ml vial of the holy grail of hotness. It may not be Blair’s but it does come with bragging rights!

The inclusion of the fabled in Bih Jolokia peppers are also here. All I can say is you know you wanna!!!

Well I did. I took just a light dusting of the powder and stuck it on my tongue. All I can say is that it is freaking hot. Hotter than the Red Savina Powder I have. Not going to attempt a rating of it but it is way up there. Thing is, it actually tasted better than it smelt. The smell was very fruity but the taste lent more to a smoky flavour.

Throw in some Pure Savina Mash, and a Collector bottle to round things up and this is a formidable bargain.

Last I checked there were less than 10 of these sets available. Note that there is a signed and numbered collector bottle in here. I don’t imagine they will last long so it would be great to see it land in a deserving chiliheads hands.

But wait!

There is more to this post than a plug for Muso’s ebay deal. Along with this set I have a few more of Muso’s concoctions to review. He was kind enough to send me his buttery wing sauce and his latest concoction, Hot Steak Sauce.

Muso’s Buttery Wing Sauce

Muso's Buttery Wing Sauce

Ingredients: 3 Vinegars, Butter, BIH Jolokia, Salt, Spices, Guar Gum

I am still weary about trying new wing sauces. After all the bad experiences in the past I am not quick to grab the next best marketed sauce and try it. It took me awhile before I gave Defcon a whirl and now I can say it has kind of been my wing sauce safety blanket.

So now before me, I have a new buttery wing sauce. My initial taste attack was going to be slow and methodical. But it didn’t take long before I ripped into this. You see, as soon as I unscrewed the top and squeeze some out I was immediately presented with a whole pile of buttery wing sauce goodness. The texture of this is quite thick – like it should be. In the picture here I warmed up for a second to liquefy it. The colour was also quite pleasant. A yellowy orange hue that looks soft and subtle. Now I have to tell you the smell of this was incredible. You could smell the butter coming right from it like it was still warm and fresh. Add the zing of the peppers and I was ready to start using this as a topping for bread. Just amazing!

Packaging 0/10 – N/A
Aroma 8.5/10 – Fresh and buttery
Appearance 8/10 – Sauce looks great – great texture
Taste 8/10 – Tastes great – I have tasted better but it does the job
Heat 9/10 – Very Hot

Overall 8/10

Muso’s Steak Sauce

Muso's Steak Sauce

Ingredients: Dates, Figs, Raisins, Dried Plums, Tamarind, Oranges, Lemons, Molasses, Vinegars (Many), Mustards, Ketchup, Corn Syrup, Spices (30 of them) Sugar (Many types), Salt, Capsicum Oleoresin

Now I don’t know the order or quantities that they are in, but those are the ingredients nonetheless. Now I am not up and up on my steaks sauces, but I do know a good when I have it. And wow was this good. The flavour wasn’t too sweet, but just right. The myriad of spices mixed in made this very exotic tasting. On top of the amazing taste was the heat. This is a very hot steak sauce. Even though there is extract in this steak sauce, I couldn’t really pick it out except for the heat.

I don’t think this sauce is available yet, but if you see it pop up I say give it a try. I may not use this for my highest quality steaks (I like them pretty much unadulterated except for some steak spice) but this is a great addition to t-bones, burgers and even slathered over chicken breast. Great Stuff!

Packaging 0/10 – N/A
Aroma 8.5/10 – Exotic and welcoming
Appearance 8/10 – Very dark, chocolate like and thick
Taste 8/10 – Superb
Heat 7/10 – Nice amount of heat

Overall 8/10

Mike’s HSB interview is here