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MyHotSauces.Com Low Stock Warning

(PRWEB) February 14, 2006 — MyHotSauces.Com L.L.C. announced today that it has sold out of it’s 2 most popular hot sauces, Monty’s Smoke & Fire, and Monty’s Dancing Fire.

“We are unable to get some of the special ingredients that made our sauces so unique, and therefore we have decided to let these products fade into history gracefully.” Said Monty Fritts, owner of MyHotSauces.Com L.L.C.

“We only have two flavors left, Monty’s Around The World, and Monty’s Fire Lizard. Once they are gone, the hot sauces that got me into this business will only be a footnote to history.”

“We are not giving up on hot sauces though. As of right now our food engineers are working on a new and improved set of hot sauces that have fresh ingredients and a fresh new taste that will replace the original sauces quite nicely.”

“I personally promise each and every one of our customers out there that we will soon have an even better set of hot sauces that will blow them away!”

“Stay tuned for even better things to come!”

MyHotSauces.Com L.L.C. is an award winning sauce company based in Ottawa KS. They have won 34 international awards for flavor during their 6+ years in business.

Their list of products include:
Monty’s Fire Lizard Hot Sauce
Monty’s Smoke & Fire (Gone but not forgotten)
Monty’s Around The World Hot Sauce
Monty’s Dancing Fire (Gone but not forgoten)
Monty’s Party Picante – Mild
Monty’s Party Picante – Medium Hot
Monty’s Party Picante – XXX Ignorant Hot
Monty’s Party Picante – Cranberry
Monty’s Party Picante – Roasted Garlic
Monty’s Party Picante – Chipotle
Monty’s Party Picante – Black Beans & Corn Mild
Monty’s Party Picante – Black Beans & Corn Chipotle

Please feel free to contact MyHotSauces.Com L.L.C. with any questions at:
MyHotSauces.Com L.L.C.
1006 S Elm
Ottawa, KS 66067
Phone: 785-242-3353

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