Posted February 26, 2008 by Lee@DC in Makers

Naga Jolokia Bloody Mary’s, NOS, Fiery-Foods 2008!


The Fiery-Foods show is this weekend in Albuquerque, NM! It’s going to be a blast so if you don’t have plans yet come down and visit us to try some great sauces, new products, and drink some beer. We will be releasing a new Habanero Chipotle hot sauce, a couple of new Bloody Mary mixers, and re-releasing our popular NOS hot sauces with a new design! Come check it out!

NEW HOT SAUCE: Smokin’ Tailpipe Habanero Chipotle
We just finished this one after 6 months of R&D. The Chipotle peppers blend perfectly with Habanero, Cayenne, fresh garlic and lime. It’s not even on our website yet, but you can buy it at the Fiery-Foods show this weekend before it hits the stores. It’s GOOD!

The NOS is back, Baby!
The NOS has returned in all new packaging. It has the same great sauces in the same great aluminum canisters, but now comes in a cool plastic tube great for travel and displaying in your hot sauce collection. Now it will make you go even faster (for your beer).

Devil’s Highway Habanero Bloody Mary Mix
After years of talking about it (and a lot of market research) we have finally come out with our own Bloody Mary mix! And it’s hot. It’s fantastic flavor is a result of the perfect blending of tomato juice, Habanero and Serrano chile peppers, fresh garlic lime and onion. This is one Bloody Mary mix you won’t have to fix. Take a ride down the Devil’s Highway if you think you’re man (or woman) enough.

Hari-Kari Bloody Mary Jolokia Shot Mix
Yeah, this one’s a little scary, even to us. A dozen or so years ago when we started going camping a lot in Colorado we used to make the hottest, meanest Bloody Mary mix we could from all of the hot sauces in the fridge. Then we’d mix it half and half with Vodka and throw it in a cooler. Later, after a few beers we’d do shots that made you want to punch a bear in the face. The Bloody Mary shot tradition was born and now we are very excited to share this tradition with you. Danny Cash Hot Sauce is stoked to introduce Hari-Kari Bloody Mary Shot Mix. Loaded with Naga Jolokia, Habanero, Serrano, and Thai chiles, Wasabi and garlic, this shot mix will go kamikaze on your pain receptors! Bonzai!