Posted March 19, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Events

National Corn Dog Day

Did you know that today is national Corn Dog Day? How in the hell does a piece of meat on a stick get a national holiday? Who decides this stuff? I want a national Hot Sauce Day – or even a national Salsa day – In fact, did you know that Salsa has replaced ketchup as America’s favorite condiment? I’ve never liked ketchup – too sweet. However my little sister used to drink it out of the bottle. Yuck!

Back to national corn dog day – There’s a blog that celebrates this day – CornDog Day

And there’s a National CornDog Day Site

CornDog Day Posters – Now that’s creative!

damn, now I really want a corndog – looks like there’s two parties happening in Eugene, Oregon to celebrate this meat on a stick. 0 in New York.

Suddenly hot sauce doesn’t seem so odd.

Nick Lindauer

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