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Natural Hot Pepper Nasal Spray Winning Over The Skeptics

Publish Date : 11/19/2004 10:53:00 AM Source : Onlypunjab.com Team

The Sinus Buster is the world’s first commercially produced hot pepper nasal spray manufactured by SiCap Industries of Altamont, New York. The Sinus Buster uses Capsicum, a natural oily resin derived from certain varieties of hot peppers. The active medicinal chemical in Capsicum is “Capsaicin,” the ingredient that puts the “hot” in hot peppers.

Although Capsaicin is its’ main active ingredient, the Sinus Buster formula incorporates an exclusive mixture of completely natural herbal extracts and other ingredients that are designed to work in combination with the pepper extract. The ingredients are as follows: Oleoresin Capsicum, Eucalyptus Oil, Rosemary Extract, Ascorbic Acid as pure Vitamin C, Sea Salt, and Aloe Vera Gel in a base of purified water.

“We adhere to strict standards so we can proudly call Sinus Buster all natural. A lot of natural health and dietary supplements out there call themselves all natural, but in truth many are not. I mean I use this stuff too…everyday of my life, and I refuse to put something up my nose that’s not all natural. I’ve been on so many medications that never worked over the years, and when I discovered the power of pepper I knew I finally had the ticket. And just think…it all came from mother nature,” says Wayne Perry, President and founder of SiCap Industries.

Perry, a long time chronic cluster headache and sinusitis sufferer, first discovered the medicinal power of peppers while filming a live self defense pepper spray demonstration for a FOX News affiliate in Albany, New York. Just moments before the filming was to take place, Perry was stricken with one of his horrible headaches.

“I went through with the demonstration, and the pepper hurt like hell, but I immediately noticed my headache was gone. It was totally gone, and the constant one sided nasal congestion I always got with the headaches was also gone. I felt like it was some sort of miracle. Believe it or not, I owe my life to hot peppers. They did for me what no other medicine could ever do, and now I feel like I have to spread the word about the power of peppers,” says Perry.

Perry’s love for hot peppers is apparent in everything he does — he even sports a large tattoo featuring Chile peppers woven together with tribal overtones.

“The more I’ve learn about the medicinal properties of capsaicin, the more excited I get. It’s simply incredible stuff. We know how the capsaicin in sinus buster relieves headaches and sick sinus symptoms, but that’s just scratching the surface of what hot peppers can do. Capsaicin may even prove to have potential cancer fighting abilities as some studies have shown. At the very least, I’ve seen first hand what it can do for people who suffer from a multitude of chronic sinus and headache conditions,” adds Perry.

Since Perry first began marketing his Sinus Buster formula, his company, SiCap Industries has been flooded with thousands of letters, emails, and phone calls from people praising the Sinus Buster as their “life saver”.

One believer is Bob Haines of Altamont, New York. Haines had been a long time aquaintance of Perry’s when Wayne first decided to mass produce his hot pepper nasal spray, and at that time Haines thought Perry was a little nuts until he found out the spray also helped his own son.

“The first time Wayne told me about sinus buster I didn’t know what to think. I mean it sounded pretty crazy to me, but I knew he had those headaches for a long time and he swore the pepper spray cured him. So I took him at his word. He had been a news reporter for a long time here in Albany, and I trusted him, but I still wasn’t convinced. Anyway, my oldest son had suffered from severe headaches that would send him laying down in a dark room in gut wrenching pain. He had them ever since he hit puberty, and they were getting worse, so I gave a bottle of sinus buster to my kid and the next day I knew Wayne had a miracle on his hands. Nothing had ever worked for my son and I mean nothing, but the sinus buster did the trick, and because of hot peppers, my son is a changed person. That’s when I went to Wayne and offered to give up everything to join his company. Now less than a year later, we’ve had thousands of customers who’ve also had their lives changed by the sinus buster just like it did for my son,” says Haines, now VP of Manufacturing for SiCap Industries.

The Sinus Buster is also a hit with the media being recently featured in the Wall Street Journal, and on the Today Show.

“The sinus buster shows up in the news all over the place. We’ve been in magazines, newspapers, and in dozens of tv news reports all over the world. Lots of medical magazines and on websites. Evertime somebody in the media tries the sinus buster, they want to tell their audience about it because it really works. It’s about as close to a miracle as you’re gonna get,” adds Bob Haines

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