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New Capsaicin Food Spray Boosts The Metabolism & Burns Calories With The Power Of Hot Peppers

SiCap Industries, makers of the world’s first hot pepper nasal spray has launched another innovative natural health product based on the medicinal power of hot peppers. “Pepper Boost” is a liquid nutritional supplement made with a special hot pepper extract, and it may be the next big thing in weight loss management. The formula uses a combination of “all natural” herbal ingredients (including feverfew & green tea extract), aimed at boosting your metabolism, increasing circulation, and preventing a host of circulatory related diseases. Unlike other liquid nutritional supplements, Pepper Boost is delivered in a spray form that’s applied directly to the tongue, or on foods that go well with lime and pepper such as salads, fish, and chicken.

Altamont, NY (PR Web) May 24, 2004 — There’s no doubt two of the most important keys to living a long life include having a healthy metabolism and good circulation, and now there’s a new product on the market designed to turn both these keys with a real boost. It’s the world’s first liquid capsaicin supplement known as “Pepper Boost,” and it’s being touted as a breakthrough in promoting natural weight loss by suppressing the appetite and boosting the metabolism.

Pepper Boost uses “Oleoresin Capsicum,” a natural chili pepper extract as one of its’ main active ingredients. Used primarily in the food industry, liquid capsicum is a powerful concentrated form of pepper with the active ingredient being capsaicin. Capsaicin is the natural chemical that puts the “Hot” in hot peppers.

The Pepper Boost formula uses a combination of natural herbal extracts to create a powerful cocktail that’s applied in the form of a spray. The product comes in a 2 ounce bottle that can be sprayed directly on the tongue, or on foods that go well with lime and pepper.

“Pepper Boost is designed for people who want to get their daily supply of capsaicin, but may not want to eat piles of peppers to do it. It doesn’t mean you should cut out eating hot peppers. Instead it’s designed to be a supplement that puts a concentrated amount of capsaicin into your system quickly and efficiently,” says Joyce Newman, creator of the website (www.pepperhealth.com).

Newman’s website focuses on the health benefits of peppers, (especially the hot stuff) and she believes Pepper Boost could be the next big thing in weight loss and circulatory health.

“It’s really powerful stuff. I like to spray it on my salads and it’s great on any kind of grilled food, even steak. It has a nice lime aroma and taste, and when you spray it on your tongue it gives you a fast boost sensation. I usually take 5 sprays five times a day, and it really wakes me up especially in the afternoon around that 4 O’clock hour. In fact, I like it so much it’s become part of my daily regimen. The company that makes it sent me a sample about three weeks ago, and I’m already running out. Guess I’ll have to buy it now,” adds Newman.

The folks at (pepperhealth.com) might be on the right track since there are some very well regarded studies that show capsaicin can increase metabolic activity dramatically while simultaneously suppressing the appetite.

One such study was conducted at the Oxford Polytechnic Institute in England. The 1986 “small case” study used twelve volunteers from various backgrounds who ingested capsaicin through various food sources. Their data showed that digestion of spicy foods did boost the metabolism in all the volunteers. According to this article, ingestion of capsaicin triggers a thermodynamic burn that can last up to five hours thus speeding up the metabolism and melting calories. It’s this thermal heat action that makes capsaicin so unique.

“It’s been proven that capsaicin definitely boosts your metabolism, but the medicinal benefits go way beyond that. Capsaicin has also been shown to prevent abnormal blood clotting that can lead to stroke and heart attack, and it absolutely can help with circulatory disorders,” says Wayne Perry, President of SiCap Industries, makers of Pepper Boost.

Pepper Boost may also be beneficial for diabetics who face a host of circulatory problems. Although Pepper Boost does contain a small amount of honey, the manufacturer claims it’s not enough to adversely effect the average diabetic under a doctor’s direct supervision.

“We do warn users on the label that pepper boost isn’t meant for diabetics. We do this as a general warning, but truthfully as long as they monitor their sugar and follow the directions, most diabetics can use this formula. The amount of honey is so low. Less than one half of a milliliter, or one eighth of a teaspoon per bottle. At 60 servings per bottle we’re talking only about one five hundredth of a teaspoon of honey per serving — so it’s safe for most diabetics as long as they watch their sugar and do it under the direct supervision of their doctors. The honey is really just in there to take the edge off the tanginess, and we find it’s necessary in the formula,” adds Perry.

Diabetics aside, the real intent of Pepper Boost is to aide in boosting the metabolism and helping the body burn fat and calories more efficiently. A recent article in “A.A.R.P. Magazine” touted capsaicin as “an effective weight loss tool that revs up your metabolism so you can burn more calories even when you’re not exercising.”

One of the first Pepper Boost users who was included in a local focus group claims he gets a real boost from the product when it’s sprayed directly on the tongue, but he also likes the fact that he can spray it on so many foods.

“I’ll tell you what. It tastes great on pizza. I got some of my friends doing it, and now every time we get a pizza, I bring out the pepper boost along with the parmesan cheese. It adds a real smooth lime and pepper taste to the pizza. Pizza shops ought to carry the stuff. They’d probably make a killing on it,” says Steve Fellows of Delmar, New York.

Officials at SiCap Industries are already hip to the idea of getting Pepper Boost into the restaurant industry. They’ve already been approached by several restaurant chains looking to cash in on the popularity of hot peppers by including Pepper Boost on their tables and at their salad bars as a condiment.

“It makes sense that Pepper Boost would be a great gimmick for any restaurant because it’s really terrific on any food. It gives both fresh and grilled foods a real extra tangy spice, but it’s not too hot for even the mildest pallet. The great thing about the formula is the more you use, the hotter it gets — so pepper boost fits every appetite. It’s got a very refreshing taste, and I even know a lot of locals spraying it in their Coronas,” says Bob Haines, VP of Manufacturing for SiCap Industries.

As far as getting into restaurants, SiCap Industries does see a future for Pepper Boost, but the company’s management is taking a cautious approach to how they expose their new product.

“We’re definitely planning on going in the restaurant direction, but we may want to do something exclusive with one chain instead of making Pepper Boost available everywhere. I don’t want to see it in just any eatery. Like I wouldn’t think Burger King would be the right place for our product, but it would definitely fit in a chain like Chili’s. That would make sense to me. A lot of restaurants are just trying to cash in on the hot pepper health craze, but this product is the real deal and we don’t want to exploit it. It’s a natural health supplement that’s meant to be sprayed on food, and it tastes great too. But most importantly, it’s a natural metabolic booster so it can help you lose weight. It’s an innovative idea for restaurants, but right now we’re concentrating on the internet sales. Stores and resaurants will definitely follow,” says Wayne Perry.

Perry wouldn’t say which restaurants have inquired about carrying Pepper Boost, but he did say there were a couple major chains interested. Furthermore, he says Pepper Boost does not have to be refrigerated although it can be.

“Just like any liquid herbal based product, I wouldn’t leave it in the direct 100 degree sun for 20 hours, but it doesn’t go bad. We use natural preservatives such as rosemary extract and ascorbic acid which is pure vitamin-c. The essential lime oil is also a super antiseptic along with the capsaicin itself. We’ve put the product under every test imaginable and it lasts for months and months with no change in the structural make up. This was an important aspect of the product for us because we wanted people to be able to carry it with them so they can use it regularly and when they’re eating on the road. Of course you don’t have to just spray it on food. Pepper Boost will give you a real noticeable energy boost when you apply five sprays to the tongue,” adds Perry.

Pepper Boost does not contain any stimulants although the manufacturer warns that there is an insignificant trace amount of natural caffeine due to the use of “Green Tea Extract”.

“We’re talking about nearly untraceable amounts of caffeine. Not even enough to be listed on our label, but we let people know anyway because we believe in giving the customer every detail concerning our products. After all, your health is number one – especially when it goes bad on you,” says Perry.

The Pepper Boost label also warns that pregnant women and nursing women shouldn’t take this product only because it does contain feverfew. Feverfew is a natural extract from a certain variety of Chrysanthemum plant. It’s known as a powerful circulation booster that can thin the blood somewhat. So as far as people who are on anti-coagulant drugs, they need to take this product under a doctor’s supervision and many of them may be able to reduce their intake of prescription blood thinners by replacing them with the capsaicin supplement, but again – only under their doctor’s supervision

But if you’re basically in good health, and you’re not pregnant, nursing, or on anti-coagulant drugs, Pepper Boost is a safe and more effective alternative to all those “so-called” metabolic fat burner pills and powders on the market. Many studies show dried pulverized plant compounds are far less potent than the natural resins they are made from, and SiCap’s Pepper Boost spray uses only the natural herbal extracts and resins cultivated and extracted from plants in their natural organic state.

“We’re launching pepper boost just like we did our first product the sinus buster. With the sinus buster we took great pains in creating the most potent and most effective sinus and headache reliever ever made, and there are thousands of folks out there who’ll tell you we’ve succeeded. And now we’ve got the most effective metabolic booster in the weight loss business. Along with the SiCap reputation, that really means something. This is another breakthrough for us,” adds Bob Haines.

Interestingly enough, SiCap Industries stands for “The Science Of Capsaicin,” and with the launch of Pepper Boost, the company now has two “one of a kind” natural capsaicin health products – the first being the world’s first hot pepper nasal spray known as “The Sinus Buster”.

Next the company plans on releasing its’ own version of the infamous “Master Cleanser” made famous by the self titled book, and Robin Quivers of the Howard Stern Show. Quivers drinks a cocktail of cayenne pepper, maple syrup, and lemon juice daily, and she credits it with her new found health and incredible weight loss. SiCap officials are still very secretive about their new master cleanser, but Wayne Perry told me the product is ready to launch, and he even leaked the name, “Pepper Clean”. Perry said this product will be the first daily drinkable capsaicin supplement aimed at cleansing your system of toxins and promoting natural metabolic wellness. MMMM — Is there a pattern here? I guess the only way to end is to say “SiCap’s their name, and pepper’s their game.”

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