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New Favorite Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce Confession
Forgive me Marie, for I have sinned. As you know, I’ve been loyal to your brand (Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauces) for many years, pushing your bottles like McDonalds pushes Big Macs. But I must confess, I’ve found a new love. Younger and smoother, her spicy nature has won me over. You and I, we were good together but my wandering tastebuds have moved on. I hope you can understand Marie and that we can still be friends…

If you can’t tell, I eat a lot of hot sauce. And like most chile heads, I’ve always had my own standards to which I compare all sauces. Last year, I can recall of hearing about a new line of hot sauces from a small company called Loco Luna. I checked out the website at that time, but then they got lost in the shuffle of hundreds of other small hot sauce companies with which I communicate and/or buy from.
Until recently when the owner/creator Brian Moon sent me three sample bottles. I tried the first bottle and immediately ordered a case of each of the others as well.

Loco Luna HOT Sauce The thing that makes Loco Luna Hot Sauces stand out amongst the growing sea of hot sauces, is the worcestershire sauce and the lack of an overpowering vinegar flavor. My first thought after trying the Loco Luna sauce was “Damn, this would make a kick ass Bloody Mary” – So far, I’ve eaten Loco Luna on Indian food, Lebanese food, Mexican food, Tuna fish sandwich, Sushi and even just plain ole crackers, it’s that good. My only complaint is that Loco Luna HOT version is not that hot. It does have just enough heat for the wife to enjoy, but I want a more substantial burn. But as I understand it, Brian is in the process of coming out with a Lava Sauce Extreme – That sounds like it will be right up my alley.
If your interested in the Loco Luna Mild, Medium or HOT sauces you can now order them directly from Sweat ‘N Spice

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