Posted March 27, 2006 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

New Hot Sauces & More at Sweat ‘N Spice

New Hot Sauces At Sweat 'N Spice

A ton of new products have been added to the Sweat ‘N Spice website in the last few days (and there’s still more!). You’ve read a few reviews of some of the new stuff already and reviews of even more are still in the works – so stay tuned. In the interim, you can get some of the new stuff for yourself.

  • Dry Rubs & Seasonings
  • Hot Sauces
  • Not Hot Sauces (Cooking Sauces)
  • Sets
  • Snacks
  • BBQ & Steak Sauces
  • And just for kicks, the first person that names which two item product photos do not match the others gets a free item from the list above (sets & bear excluded). That means you have to look at all the new products to figure it out. Clever huh?

    Nick Lindauer

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