Posted March 19, 2006 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

New HSB Features #2

More new stuff & HSB Updates from this weekend:

#1 – The site was down for 4 minutes on Saturday morning and I recieved 16 frantic emails telling me so. I was updating the DB behind the scenes – so everything was under control. Thanks for taking the time to let me know that you care that much about it! Fantastic stuff.

#2 – From the Archives: When your on the main page of the HSB (https://www.hotsauceblog.com) you will now see a post from the archives in position #5. This post is changed everytime the page refreshes. I thought it would be fun to bring some of the older stuff to the surface.

#3 – Comment reading: Now, when you see a comment left by me it will be ‘highlighted’ in grey. This will hopefully assist in the reading of long comment threads when people want to see the ‘official’ info.

#4 – By popular demand, there is now an Off Topic section where any random comments or discussions can take place.

Items attempted:
– Different smilies: Tried to implement Yahoo! & MSN smilies and have them be clickable for comment insertion, but that didn’t work the way I thought it would. Back to the drawing board on that one.

– Still haven’t worked out the cookie issue with the “missed something” section, but I think it’s still fairly handy as is.

– Still trying to the SQL code to display all the comments in one section so you can sort through all of them.

Anything else you’d like to see on the HSB?

Nick Lindauer

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