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New Products & Special Deals at Sweat ‘N Spice

New Sauces @ Sweat 'N Spice

** New Products **
This first round of new products from Zest Fest are live on Sweat ‘N Spice (many more to come). At the show we waited until the last day to purchase any new items, but that allowed us to really pick peoples brains about what was good and what wasn’t (special thanks to Cheffy & Aaron). As I mentioned, another round of new products will be announced soon, but until then… enjoy!
Bourbon Q Gold Reserve – Roasted Garlic & Chipotle BBQ Sauce
CaJohn’s Gourmet Chipotle Hot Sauce
Hula Girl Jalapeno Hot Sauce
Hula Girl Red Jalapeno Hot Sauce
Jack Daniel’s Barbecue Seasoning & Rub
Toxic Tonic Hot Sauce (review here)
Zulu Zulu Peri-Peri Chile Pepper Sauce – Extra Hot
Zulu Zulu Peri-Peri Chile Pepper Sauce – Garlic
Zulu Zulu Peri-Peri Chile Pepper Sauce – Lemon & Herb

Danny Cash Hot Sauces @ SNS

** Danny Cash Specials **
As some may know, Danny Cash & Crew have updated their labels on their entire product line. In order to stock the new items, we need to move the old – so take advantage! All Danny Cash sauces listed below are available for $3.00 each! (while supplies last)
Danny Cash’s Bottled Up Anger Hot Sauce
Danny Cash’s Radical Heat Habanero Hot Sauce
Danny Cash’s Stay Cool Green Habanero Pepper Sauce
Danny Cash’s Flaming Habanero Mustard
Danny Cash’s HaBEEnero Honey Mustard

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