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New Reserve from Blair

Blair has another new reserve coming out and it’s going to be just as hot as Blair’s 6 A.M.
Blair’s newsletter note is below:

Hello, Well After lots and lots of work – Blair’s(me) 16 million Reserve is nearing completion (Close enough for pre-orders to happen now)… To understand how difficult this was to produce, you have to think about this as an experiment – A long Time consuming experiment, that has been my goal since I learned who Mr.Scoville was… So yes since 1989 it has been my mission to do this – A Crazy mission some would say – But you gotta follow your passion…..

NO ONE HAS EVER PRODUCED ANYTHING LIKE THIS – Pure Capsaicin. Do ya get it??? JUST THE PURE CRYSTALS….NOTHING ELSE…….. Here is what you get – one 1ml Nalgene Pharmaceutical grade vial. Each Hand filled by volume. The vial is then placed into my Famous Reserve bottle that has been filled with some protective packing so the vial will stay in place, Then I seal The English bottle with a Food grade silicon cork to ensure no air gets in….. Next It’s topped off with White and Gold Resin…. (your Reserve collection will look great with this very unique addition)….

You my friend, will be the very proud owner of The most exclusive Product Ever Produced….Now accepting pre-orders….. Expect Shipping to begin on or About April 18th 2005…..The VIP Pre-order Price is only $99(You will never see this price again). THIS IS A SPECIAL MEMBER PRE-ORDER PRICE ONLY VALID UNTIL 3-24-05… Then the next Pre-order price will be in effect after that and continue on up. You know how it works..By the time this Reserve is on the market you will have seen at least a 50% increase in value..I cannot wait for you to have my new 16 million in your display…..Thank you my fellow Chilihead and as always Feel Alive Blair

PS: I do not know the amount I am going to be able to produce – it is rather complex- my brick of 16 million has some useable and some not so I do not have an exact yield until I am done (I told you this was experimental) One thing I can assure you is the most that will be made is 999 even if I have enough for more – – The truth of the matter is, it could only be 400 Reserves ….I really do not know – -This makes it more fun for both of us…Again all my best …

For all of you that are big into the collector’s side of things, you know just how much a Reserve bottle from Blair can appreciate in value. Just 2 years ago, Caldera was selling for less then $200 and now days your lucky to find one under $1000.
You can pre-order the newest reserve from Sweat ‘N Spice for $159.95 – but you’d better hurry – the price will be going up and after that, who knows how high it’s going to get.

Nick Lindauer

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