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News from Blair

Feb 14th 2008—–Here is whats cooking up new on the Menu—-Jalapeno Death Spread, Jolokia Death Spread, Pure Death Sauce, Whole Jolokia Pods, Jolo Shake, Burning Buds, N-3 59 Reserve (Fiery Food Show NM Only) Blairs Feel Alive Chip Line, as well as many other new items… The New Mexico Fiery Show Starts Feb 29th. Its a leap year…

I will also have a limited Run of protype bottles of Pure death that will never make production..NONE of these Items will be available other than the Show in New Mexico on Feb 29-March 02 2008–No Web Orders- No phone orders–Only at our Booth at the entrance of the show..On another note– For those who do not know me on a personal level..I have a very playful sense of humor that might not always come through typing and I never take myself to serious….I am serious about Spice but thats it…I am here to make you smile and open your taste buds to a whole new world. Moving right along-

Thanks to my Incredible group of Loyal Chiliheads from all over the world Blairs Is Growing with even more intense Power and Passion…You Have not seen anything yet. Even though it has been 20 years I have never felt stronger in my mission…I am in the most creative time of life thus far…I have so much more to share (Some really amazing stuff–I mean AMAZING– is going on in addition to the regular crazyness that happens every day- I cannot wait to share with you..I promise as soon as I can tell you; I will…Feel Alive….Love and Hot Sauce—


…ABOUT BLAIRS—Founded in 1989 By a 19 year Old Bartender with the idea of how to get drunk patrons out of a bar..DEATH WINGS were Born….Today Blairs Now Produce Over 150 Thousand Bottles of our Sauces every 30 days… and Over 10 Million bags of our Death Rain Chips each Year….Quality as always will never change…I Demand ONLY THE BEST OF THE BEST. I make food that I eat. I USE my own Hot Sauce every day from breakfast to 3 am. 1000% FOR REAL…….. Our Death Sauces Are Now Found In Over 50 Countries and Printed in 5 Languages. Blairs has Now Served over 45 million Chiliheads Worldwide—And BLAIRS Who Started with a Dream of a 19 year old lunatic and $550 bucks in 1989 Now employs over 110 people..”Holy SH*&” All That sounds so corporate.(Not Me At All)… But it is 100% Fact, However here is the funny part. NOT A SINGLE THING THAT I DO EACH DAY HAS CHANGED—NOTHING—and thats the way it will remain… I have a much different belief system (My finacial people tell me I am nutz–Well not so much anymore—They used to tell to hire people to do what I do and dont concern yourself with the small stuff–I say F-That … EVERYTHING MATTERS…To me its the small Stuff that matters most—And I know many of you know that because if you call me I do my best to get on the phone and deal direct with you ..I would have never dreamed that at 38 years old, I would have more passion for what I do today than when I started Blairs at 19 years OLD.(And soon the world will know me well) TO MY AMAZING CHILIHEAD PALS . I SAY – A SINCERE THANK YOU- NO BULLSHIT HERE.(My web people say the use of profanity will hurt your web ratings—I dont give a shit about that…Be who you are and Feel Alive… You know that already. We have spent 15-20 years together in many cases..-I just wrote the longest run on sentence…..Thanks for reading it…See ya Soon

Nick Lindauer

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