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News – The Sauceman’s Satchel

Have you ever been to work, gone on a weekend away camping or business trip abroad and thought “I wish I could have taken some of my hot sauce or chilli powder with me?” but the bottle was too big for the liquid to be packed or taken on the plane?

Well John Konesky in the USA thinks there is a demand for it, and has designed a Sauceman’s Satchel, a little bag you can put on your belt if you wish, made of very durable material and holds three small vials which fit into mouded foam to ensure a safe journey for the contents, The vials are there for you to pre fill with the hot sauce or powder of your choice.


There are a million other uses for the Satchel, obviously not all hot sauce related.

But the guy needs your help, he has produced them but needs to expand the range, and to do that, he needs to be able to place bigger orders with the manaufacturer, so he has listed them on a site called Kickstarter, I suppose a bit like Dragons Den in that he is pitching for your money, and needs $10,000 by the 18th October to enable the expansion to go ahead.

You wont get a slice of the company, but if you do pledge an amount, the minimum is $1 dollar but at $10 plus, you get something back for your money, they have increasing levels of pleadge amount and what you would receive if you gave that particular amount.

The website explains it in greater detail but with 14 days left he needs some help.

Please note, this is something we have read about, we are not endorsing or connected with the product or website in any way.

If you fancy taking a look in more detail clink here for the Kickstarter website or here for his own site about the product



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