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NYC Hot Sauce Co

NYC Hot Sauce Co.Happy Scroturday, everyone!  As you may not know, I’m in the middle of organizing a dip contest, henceforth known as the Skinny Dip and Chunky Dunkaroo!  Details will follow, I promise!  Until then, however, I’ve got a review for you!  From the New York City Hot Sauce Expo, here’s NYC Hot Sauce Co!



Habanero Peppers, Carrots, Water, Onions, Bell Peppers, Celery, Lime Juice, Vinegar, Garlic, Salt

(Note: the ingredients list printed on the bottle does not match the ingredients list on the main page of their website)


Chug that SauceI simply love the artwork on this bottle.  ’NYC Hot Sauce Co’ is sprawled across a brick backdrop in colorful, graffiti-style lettering, and it brings a certain esprit de ville to the bottle.  It makes you feel almost like you’re standing in New York City waiting to try this stuff.  As for the bottle itself, this is one of the more interesting bottle types I’ve come across.  It’s an 8 oz plastic bottle with a large black plastic cap or nozzle of sorts.  Whoa, and it has a two-stage cap opening system.  The tip of the black plastic cap can be twisted to retract a blocker in the end of the cap for squeezing, and you can twist the entire cap off the bottle for a better flow.  If we had a coolest bottle contest, this would definitely take the cake, hands down.  But we don’t buy hot sauce for the bottle, do we?  As for the sauce itself, it has a smooth, rolling composition with little added texture.  It smells of a habanero kick with notes of garlic and onion, and the carrots provide a vibrant color that makes this stuff stand out.




It smells delicious, but let’s put this thing in my mouth.  There’s your quote of the day.  Anyway, this is a fairly potent habanero sauce, one with which I am impressed.  Despite the fluidity, this sauce tastes very thick, like a fiery velvet over your tongue.  I’ll tell you now: if you don’t like garlic, you may not like this sauce.  It’s not a garlic sauce with a kick, don’t worry.  The primary flavor here is habanero; however, the garlic presence is enough to stand out and make itself known.  I love garlic myself, so this is fantastic to me.  The heat level of this sauce has earned itself a low-end Mean rating.  It’s definitely hotter than medium, but I can’t say it has the tenacity to go full-bore Mean.  As for the flavor, I’m assigning this NYC hit a Nice rating.  It’s a great sauce, with a great bottle, great burn, and a pretty solid flavor base.

John Scrovak