Posted April 7, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Reviews

Oaxaca Monkey Mix

Oaxaca Monkey Mix
Oaxaca Snack Mix

I was one of the fortunate people that recieved a sample bag of this yet to be released product from Sun Drenched Foods at the 2005 Fiery Foods Show. I didn’t try the mix at the show, but once I got home I couldn’t wait to give it a try. The description on the bag reads:
Hand roasted exotic nuts
Sultry Spices, Dark Chocolate and Dried Fruit

Monkey Mix in Action
Monkey Mix Snack Mix

The nuts in the mix are peanuts, corn nuts, walnuts and pecans mixed with dried banana (that’s where the monkey comes in)and raisins.

Opinion: I like it! Can’t put the bag down – the balance of heat and sweet causes you to want to eat more which is always a great marketing strategy. Good work guys! Let me know when you start producing this.

Nick Lindauer

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