Posted October 27, 2007 by Creator in Makers


Well, we’ve had a virtual mudslide of e-mails in the last month or so from people wondering what we we’ve up to, as we haven’t really kept anyone up to date with all the goings-on around here. It’s true, we have been quiet for a little while as of late, but after a grueling schedule of 17+ events this summer, we took a little down time to ourselves. However, behind the scenes for the last 6+ months, we have also been working on a rather large project that is going to push our little company to the next level. Nick, Cheffy and Bob, in Nicks’ truck on my ride back to the airport in Dallas during Zest Fest, got a sneak peek into the lovely world of corporate negotiations. Well, after hammering out the smallest of details, and many sleepless nights, we here at DEFCON HQ are proud to make this announcement. As of now, Defcon Sauces is proud to be:


It’s a friggin’ HUGE step for us, and being that this is the first year of the new arena in Newark, NJ, getting in on the ground floor of the arena was a major priority. The new arena is absolutely gorgeous. We went to the open house last Sunday and were floored. The best part is, our wings will be served at ALL events (over 150 this year alone) at the bars and restaurants throughout the building. They will have all 3 levels of heat, and the bottles will also be available in each of the luxury boxes for every event. As you may or may not know, myself and Maggie are HUGE hockey fans, and it’s very special to us to be able to promote our favorite team in a way that we see apropos. The above advertisement will be displayed throughout the arena as well as during every event. Man, I’ve been wanting to let people know what we were up to, however, I didn’t want to jinx it. So, if you’re ever in the area, stop by the most amazing (not to mention expensive) arena ever built in the United States, and chow down on some Defcon wings! Oh yeah, and keep an eye out for the Inaugural Year labels (hint).

Ok, that being said, we are also working on 3-4 different things for next year. As you can understand, with myself and Maggie, sleep is considered very over-rated and just a plain waste of time. We will be launching various new and quite interesting things at the many trade shows we will be attending (Albuquerque, Miami, Dallas and Jungle Jims), and yes, we will be issuing another Batch or two of ZERO’s during the course of the upcoming year. We kind of fell behind on the production of a Batch #5, mainly due to the fact our time was not our own this summer. Who knows, the ZERO just might be available to the consuming public sometime next year as well (insert evil chuckle).

Man, this is a load off my mind being able to write this, and I must apologize for being so quiet for the last couple months, but the means have certainly justified the ends in this case. We here at DEFCON HQ do not know the meaning of term “slowing down”. Right now, we’re in a peak season with football and all, and have throttled back the event calendar a bit. Do note, we WILL be doing our annual NFL Championship Defcon Day at Toro Loco in South Orange, NJ again on Sunday, January 20th. Yes, there will be a Deathmatch. Many of you who attended the last January event definitely remember the chaos!

With all that being said, we wish to thank all of you, who have allowed us to evolve into something much more than we had expected, especially given the short amount of time we have been around. We look forward to meeting all of you at some time, many for a repeat introduction, perhaps at one of our events or trade shows we’ll be showing up at. With the amount of fun we’ve had thus far, we’re looking forward to many more laughs with everyone, and maybe, just maybe, a few beers as well.