Posted May 14, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

Paris Hilton Touts Spicy Burger in TV Ad

Paris Hilton likes her burgers spicy. The hotel heiress, actress, jewelry designer and entrepreneur will star in a television commercial next week in which she will slap suds on the side of a Bentley automobile and chomp on a thick burger while clad in a skimpy black bathing suit. Read more…

Paris Hilton Commercial - Spicy Burger

Now, I think very little of Paris Hilton, but I do think Carl’s JR is very smart with their marketing. Just the fact that they signed Paris Hilton for this commercial will get them plently of free press.

But on the same hand, we all know these “spicy” burgers from Carls’ JR are not going to be spicy. It’s covered in BBQ sauce and jalapeno peppers – pickled jalapeno peppers at that. I’ve tried just about every “spicy” burger that I can find. The only one that I’ve found to come close is a burger made by Island Burger called the Napalm Burger. The burger comes with: Blackened, BBQ, Jalapeno, Cheddar, Habanero Sauce. I asked the waitress if they made the habanero sauce and she told me no and then brought out a bottle of Melinda’s XXX Reserve Hot Sauce.

Now, when I make my own burgers at home, I like to throw a little Chipotle Tabasco into the beef before grilling. It makes the buger succulent and moist. Then, once the burgers have finished cooking, I like to throw a little of Marie Sharp’s Beliezan Heat or some Joe Perry’s Boneyard Brew on top. Yum!

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