Posted July 29, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

Peppers & Acne?

Houston, July 27: Natural hot pepper face wash to clear acne? This may sound crazy, but regular application of hot pepper face-wash can wipe out acne completely, if American researchers are to be believed.

Researchers at Sicap, a US pharmaceutical company which specialises in pepper-based products, have found that capsaicin, an ingredient in hot pepper, is a promising acne fighter.

Capsaicin works on two fronts: first, it helps to open pores and increase blood flow to the surface of the skin. Secondly, it has powerful antimicrobial properties that help kill harmful bacteria hiding within the layers of skin.

Capsaicin also helps to desensitise sensitive skin and in this way it may also be beneficial for relieving chronic topical pain associated with certain circulatory conditions.

But what about the burning sensation in skin and eyes that slightest contact with pepper sets off?

According to Sicap researchers, ‘Capsiderm’, their anti-acne hot-pepper soap, uses a tiny amount of natural pepper extract along with 10 exotic herbals and pure clove honey. So, they claim, one experiences no burning sensation, just a tingling, after using the soap.

The soap has a side-action too: it tightens the wrinkles on the face. The Sicap researchers say this was not an intended effect, it “somehow pulls up the wrinkles”, they say. So, apart from removing acne, soap ends up removing wrinkles also.

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