Posted April 20, 2006 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

Pimp Your Sauce Contest Reminder

Eman's Pimped Sauce

Just a friendly reminder that the Pimp Your Sauce Contest entries are due by midnight tomorrow (4/21). The top entries will be selected by Monday and the final voting by the HSB community will begin. The winners, 1-10, will receive one of the signed and numbered 94-95 Original Deaths. Only 10 of these exist in the world! And the grand prize winner will receive a 16 Million Reserve – direct from Blair! Get your entries in asap!

Entry Rules & Specs:

  • Pimp your sauce using whatever you can find – you can even pimp around your sauce (stand, display, background etc…)
  • Take a picture (or 5) and send them into nick ‘@’ with the subject line: Pimp Your Sauce Contest
  • Everyone can submit as many entries as they like, but only 1-2 entries per person will be selected for the final vote.
  • The final vote: The HSB community will have the final vote on the top 15 – 20 entries. The entry with the most votes will recieve #1, the entry with the second most votes will receive number 2 and so on and so forth. There will only be 10 winners (there are only 10 bottles).
  • Any of the final entries with suspected voting fraud will be eliminated.
  • All entry submissions must be received by 4/21 (that gives you 2 weekends to work) and final voting will be held the following week.

Have fun!

Nick Lindauer

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