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Hot Blog Sauce

Another work of art from the late night desk of Ryan. You can still get your bottle of Hot Blog Sauce here if you need a little extra help…

Name That Category: Alright folks, with the onslaught of photos from readers – we need another category. And this time the naming will be up to you.

Leave a comment here with your suggestions for the category name and the HSB will compile the nominations, filter out the riff raff and then the final nominations will be put to a vote. And the readers of the HSB will be the ones voting.

Nominations must be made by 3/7/06 (one week from today) and voting will begin shortly there after.

Here are a few ideas (pre-coffee) to get the ball rolling: Chilehead Action Shots, Hot Sauce Freaks & Geeks, Chilehead Crusaders, Don’t Try This At Home

Oh yeah – the winner will get free hot sauce.

Nick Lindauer

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