Posted July 18, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Recipes

Preserving Cilantro

Ever notice that when no matter how much cilantro a recipe calls for, you always have to buy an entire bunch and you usually end up throwing the rest out? A while back, I came across this post on how to preseve cilantro and tried it out for myself. Guess what? It worked!
I cleaned, chopped and froze the cilantro according to the directions.

Cilantro Tray

After the cubes froze, I put them inside a plastic bag and removed the air and off into the back of the freezer they went. Today I needed 1 Tbspn of cilantro for a recipe and pulled out 3 cubes – all done, just let defrost, preserve the water if your making a soup or a marinade.

Cilantro Ice Cubes

And there you have it, No more wasted Cilantro!

Nick Lindauer

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