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Product Review: WingDippers


The Origin

Like many of man’s greatest achievements, the birth of the WingDipper was the result of both divine inspiration and one too many beers.

While toiling away a lazy Sunday afternoon at a local wing joint, founder Aaron Foss was spending the day watching the game, drinking beers, and, of course, eating a plate of wings. But for some reason, that day was different.

As he enjoyed his wings, dipping them in a cup of bleu cheese dressing, it occurred to him that the round cup the dressing was served in was a poor shape for dipping wings. The cup, though full of nearly 2 ounces of dressing, didn’t allow for the wing to be dipped where you want the dressing – on the side of the wing. The best you could do was to dip the end – and get dressing on the bone. He thought, “There has to be a better way!”

It needed two connected parts – a circular section and an oval section. The circular part would be for the drumstick while the oval section would be for the flat part. These two shapes would evenly coat both parts of the wings with dressing.

After a few tries perfecting the shape, the WingDipper was born. The WingDipper represents the ideal shape for dipping wings. And once people try the WingDipper even once, they’ll think of it every time they eat wings.


After recieving the sample pack of WingDippers, which contained several of the disposable WingDipper cups and one reusable cup, I decided to take these to the next Defcon Day I attended – which of course happened to be Defcon Day Toronto. So these puppies have already begun to see international waters. I admit it, when Aaron first contacted me I pondered what in the world he had come up with but figured that it had to be good as they’ve already won a Best New Product award at the 2007 NY Restaurant Show.


When I set the box down at the table at Bishop & Belcher, everyone wanted to know what I had and what the story was behind it, so I told them to wait and see. When my wings came out, I took the bleu cheese out of the standard dish and poured it into the WingDipper – the same amount of sauce that was in the standard circular condiment dish filled the WingDipper.


First test – the drumette. The dish allowed for maximum dippage – I could dip the entire top of the wing without the bleu cheese spilling over the dish. For restaraunters this means less waste and for consumers it means maximum cool bleu cheese on your wings.


Second test – the wing. Now this is where the WingDipper really struts it’s stuff. Talk about maximum dipping sauce all over your wing. The only negative is that you’ll get bleu cheese all over your fingers – but that’s nothing compared to the wing sauce that’s all over your face already.

I would love to see any place that serves wings serve their bleu cheese in a WingDipper – why not give your customers that little extra special attention and let them know that you take your wings seriously. While these are not a completely necessary product in the world of food service, they are a definite improvement and a reduction of waste. For the average consumer, a party pack of 6 reusable WingDippers will cost you $12 (plus shipping) or you can go with the disposable version (36 cups for $12 plus shipping) – you can buy either of the WingDippers here. Start your next wing eating event off right with a WingDipper and impress your family and friends with how seriously you take your wings!

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