Posted June 28, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

Question from a reader

The following question came in from a reader and I’m not sure where to start with it. Anyone out there have any idea on how to make a replica red chili sauce or where one can purchase such a sauce?

I am sorry if you get a lot of emails concerning “where to buy” certain products, but I have been looking everywhere for a type of hot salsa (maybe not a hot “sauce”) that tastes like the red chili salsa that Chipotle offers (See this page on Chipotle Fan.com).
It seems like such a simple product, but I cannot find anything of the sort (I’ll admit, I’ve yet to visit a Whole Foods or the like).
I’ve purchased plenty of hot sauses/salsas, but none have tasted anything like Chipotle’s red chili salsa.

Do you know of any products that sound like what I am looking for?


Nick Lindauer

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