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Raising the HEAT for Autism update – eBay auction-mania!

Straight from Joe & Linda’s Hot Zone:

It’s official! All the charity auctions of hot sauce collectibles and hot sauce/spicy food chilehead kits for the Raising the HEAT for Autism event are now listed on eBay. Here are the listings that are now up and available for bidding:

Mad Dog Special Edition Extract Arsenal
Hot sauce/Chilehead starter kit for Autism charity (8 available)
Serious Chilehead starter kit for Autism charity event (2 available)
“Only for Real Chileheads starter kit” for Autism charity

“The MEGA Chileheads starter kit” for Autism charity
Autographed Ron Jeremy hot sauce for Autism charity (previously posted)

Just in case you’d like a sneak preview of what’s being offered, here are some pictures of the packages themselves:

11 million Scoville worth of Mad Dog Arsenal Ltd Edition

Signed by David Ashley – all of them

Feel 5 million Scoville lucky, punk?

8 of these are available to keep your chileheads happy at home

2 of these collections are available for a low auction bid

An amazing collection of hot sauces and other goodies

More hot sauces than you could shake a stick at”¦maybe

Shaking the stick at the collection again

“Mega” was the first word that came to mind about this mammoth package of stuff

More sauces in the MEGA and even a cool hot sauce towel to wipe up whatcha spill

All these from the MEGA, plus a spiffy chile pepper bag to put them in!

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