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Ralph’s Righteous Habanero Sauce

Mild to Wild Pepper and Herb Co.- Ralph’s Righteous Habanero Sauce

Bottle Description: A heavenly hot sauce designed to set your mouth and soul on fire! Done in the Island Style with an emphasis on a full habanero flavor with hints of onion and garlic. A habanero lover’s dream.
Ralph's Righteous Habanero Hot Sauce
Ingredients: our hand selected habanero peppers, vinegar, onion, garlic, spices, herbs, salt.

Container: The label and sauce name is pretty innocent. Bright colors, a habanero with a halo, the name, all of it doesn’t prepare you for what’s in store for you. Mild to Wild has certainly bucked the trend of using badass iconography for sauces. This label totally contrasts a Blair’s sauce and its infamous cosmic skull.

Appearance: Puree looking. Looks a lot like deli mustard. (no picture because to be honest, I finished it all before I had the chance to take one)

Smell: The full body of the smell is habanero. Everything else smells like a warm Italian kitchen. I’ll have to attribute that to the garlic and spices.

Consistency: No complaints. The flow you’d look for.

Taste: The taste is like a habanero sandwich. Explained: the first thing you taste is the habanero and vinegar, then you get your garlic and spices and all of that is followed up by more habanero. I’m not quite sure how this is achieved and I assume it was just the course of the sauce over my tongue that made this happen.

Heat: (8.75/10) For such a heavenly sauce, Ralph’s Righteous Habanero Sauce can pack an evil punch. Straight off the spoon it is pretty darn hot.

Field Test: This sauce goes pretty well with anything. There isn’t enough spices and salt to put it in a cobb salad, for example, but from burritos to chicken it does a damn good job. My favorite two uses for this sauce are: 1) mix it in some ranch and devour your fries 2) a couple drops in a good bowl of soup is one of the most satisfying meals ever.

Final Word: Ralph’s Righteous Habanero Sauce has a lot of habanero flavor but with hints of complexity. For God’s sake try it some soup. Amen.

Overall: 8.8/10. My favorite puree-ey sauce.

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