Posted February 25, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

Random Blogs

Since putting up this blog, I’ve come across a wide variety of blogs. Some of the more memorable ones include:
Men Knitting .::. Somehow I found this blog while looking for a craft related website. I don’t knit and don’t plan to start, but found it interesting that a man would like knitting so much that he creates a blog about it. Guess it’s not that weird, I did start the Hot Sauce Blog.

A New York Escorts Confessions .::. This is a blog written by a NYC Escort. Not sure how I found this blog, but watch out – it’s not really work safe, especially the blogs that she links to. It’s an interesting read nontheless.

Tucker Max .::. I happened across this guys site well over a year ago and found it again yesterday. It’s a good & funny read. He’s coming out with a book & TV show.

Hot Sauce Live .::. Ahh, I know what your thinking, another hot sauce blog? Nope, it’s Hot Sauce Live, a blog/ezine dedicated to hot things, such as women & cars. Jeff also runs HotSauceSports

Do you have your own blog you’d like us to check out? Let us know…

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