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Random Food Photos

I’ve been going through some of our old digital photos in order to get some inspiration for Thanksgiving, this weekend the wife and I have to go out and get all the stuff we’re going to need for Turkey day. Forget trying to buy anything on Wednesday – too many people out doing the same thing. I’m still debating on what we’re going to be cooking up. As of today we’re thinking: Turkey (brined & injected), creamed spinach, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing and pumpkin bread (no pie this time around). So what’s hot about that list? Nothing and that’s the sad thing, so I’m thinking I need to make some stuffed habanero appetizers as well. Anyone have a good recipe?

In the meantime, enjoy some of the food I’ve loved before.

Taco's with Melinda's
I totally can’t remeber what was in these tacos, but I know they were good.

Ginger Beef?
The wife cooked this up – can’t find the recipe now.

Street Tacos
Tacos from a taco cart – Yum!

Chili Dogs
Chili Dogs made with pre-made Tabasco Chili mix, pretty good for packaged chili.

Chili Omlette
Chili Omlette made with the leftover Tabasco Chili.

Grilled Cheese with mild to wild sauce
Grilled Cheese made with Mild to Wild Habanero Sauce

Grilled Cheese with mild to wild sauce
Damn good grilled cheese.

Another round of carne asada marinated tacos.

Mad Anthony's Grilled Hot Dog
Mad Anthony’s Fiery Mustard Sauce – great on hot dogs!

Chipotle Steak #2
Chipotle Steak #2 – So good I had to make another.

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