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Redneck Pepper

Redneck Pepper
Redneck Pepper huh? That’s exactly what I thought when I opened up this shaker not to long ago. Would this be just another clever marketing ploy or did these guys know their pepper?

Ingredients: Jalapeno, Red and Black Pepper & Spices.

Simple ingredients for a not so simple taste. This product reminds me of the Spepper boys who combined Salt and Pepper in one shaker. The Redneck Pepper boys have created something with a bit more kick that’s right up any chileheads alley. It’s not particularly hot – but that’s not the focus of this product, it’s about pepper flavor.

Each shake of Redneck Pepper yields an even distribution of red, green and black flakes so the flavor is consistent, no matter how many hits you take out of the bottle.

Now, how many different ways can you use Redneck Pepper? Well the Redneck Pepper website lists a bunch of ideas, but I’ve found a few of my own: Pizza (duh!), Salad, Popcorn, Fondue, Chili and as a rub for any meat. Now that’s a sign of a good product, when it’s applications are so varied. If I still lived in Oregon, I would take this along on camping trips instead of regular pepper or Lawry’s seasoning.

And, even if you don’t like Redneck Pepper (for whatever crazy reason), you’re sure to like the Redneck Pepper Girls. I’d tell you my favorite, but the wife would kill me – so which Redneck Pepper girl do you fancy?

Redneck Pepper
314 N. Marion Ave.
Lake City, FL 32055
Toll Free: 1-87REDNECKO

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