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Reel Heat Hot Sauces

Reel Heat Hot Sauces

Another find from the 2005 Fiery Foods show, Reel Heat Hot Sauces features a line of Fish Themed sauces made in Florida.

Lure the senses. Get reeled in and tackle the lack of flavor that taunts your taste buds. This school of hot sauce will make you cast all others out to sea. There’s no better line of hook to burn and release all the flavor and flare you are fishing for.

Too Hot Tuna Hot Sauce – An asian themed sauce that is perfect for Tuna steaks. Imagine that! 🙂 With a soy sauce base, I’m sure that I’m going to be using this on some rice in the near future.
Wailing Wahoo Hot Sauce – A mango-based hot sauce infused with chocolate habanero peppers. The peppers offset the sweetness of the mangos with creating an over the top flavor. Yum
Meltdown Marlin Hot Sauce – Made with roasted jalapenos and aged cayenne peppers. The orange juice mixed in provides a tartness that works very well with the roasted jalapenos.

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