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Reel Heat Wins Golden Chili Award


The 2006 Fiery Food Challenge is the most recognized, prestigious competition of hot products in the country and is sponsored by the Food Network and Chili Pepper Magazine. To find the best national zesty foods the culinary expert judges sampled every product thru a series of blind tasting. The first, second and third place winners were announced at the banquet at the 10th annual Zest Fest in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Reel Heat’s Meltdown Marlin Hot Sauce was awarded the coveted first place Golden Chili award for best medium hot sauce. Meltdown Marlin mixes juicy tomatoes with feisty garlic and onions with a twist of citrus and hooks you in with aged cayenne and roasted jalapenos. This hot sauce is especially good in chowders, soups, chicken, rice, salsa, chili, and even spaghetti sauce.

Reel Heat’s Too Hot Tuna Hot Sauce won second place in the Fiery Foods Challenge Asian division. This wild asian hot sauce has a unique chocolate habanero pepper bite with the flavors of soy, horseradish and cane sugar. This hot sauce is good on hamburgers, steaks, rice and tuna.

Get reeled in and try all 3 hot sauces from Reel Heat; Meltdown Marlin, Too Hot Tuna and Wailing Wahoo. This school of hot sauces will make you cast all others out to sea. There is no better line or hook to burn and release the entire flavor and flare you are fishing for. So cast out and bite into the heat and visit our web site at http://www.reelheat.com

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