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Regular Tabasco

It’s been close to 2 years since I’ve tasted regular Tabasco hot sauce. I’ve spent that time consuming hot sauces with less of a vinegar punch. But, as fate would have it, last month I was forced to use it. There wasn’t a gun to my head or anything, but the bland food was close enough. The wife and I had decided to get brunch at Cosmic Too, the second installment of our default brunch place and I simply forgot to bring my stash of sauce. Total brain fart moment when I left the house.

I ordered an omelet with the house potatoes, nothing exciting, just a normal brunch. Not like when we have brunch at Pigalle (french place). Normally, when I forget my hot sauces, I can make due without any (shocking I know), but this brunch was so bland that I was forced to ask the waitress for some hot sauce and crossed my fingers that she would bring me some Cholula or anything besides Tabasco.

But low and behold, she brought over a small bottle of Original Tabasco. The wife looked at the bottle and then at me and laughed. “You’re actually going to use that?”

I had to; there was no eating my food without something close to a seasoning. So on went the Tabasco, at first just a few drops, but after taking my first bite, I dumped about half the bottle on the plate. Not that Tabasco is that good, but I needed that much to get the food down. Yes, high flavor maintance here.

As I was eating, the waitress looked at my plate and frantically asked if the bottle had been broken. I had a mouthful of food, so before I could answer, the wife suppressed her laughs and told the waitress, “No, he likes it like that” – The waitress shot me a look and then hurried off. Yes my plate was completely red, so I guess it did look like an accidental mess of sorts.

But back to my original point – Tabasco isn’t that bad. I personally don’t prefer strong vinegar flavored hot sauces, but eating Tabasco again reminded me of its basic flavor qualities that you can always count on, no matter where you are in the world. And, when I can eat seafood again, I think I’m going to get some steamed mussels and settle down with a bottle of Original Tabasco.

Nick Lindauer

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