Posted January 13, 2008 by Creator in Makers

Reminder: Defcon Sauces Defcon Day, 1/20/07

Well, it’s that time of year again. The NFL Championship games are a week away. What a better way to watch them, but with some of the best wings that exist? Oh yeah, and they’re FREE!

Join the Defcon Crew for the first event we’re doing this year! As usual, FREE Defcon Sauces wings all afternoon. We’ll be having wing-eating competitions as well, and if we can get a few brave infividuals together, there will be a Deathmatch as well! Well, hopefully we’ll see you there. We have a lot of events coming up, so check the upcoming events on the website, who knows we may be rolling into your town under cover of darkness!

Here are the specifics:

Sunday, January 20th, 1-4:30(ish)
McLynn’s Pub
250 Morris Avenue
Springfield, NJ 07081