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Restaraunt Review: Mexican Radio

Just the name of this place makes me want to start singing that song.

Last weekend, the wife and I decided to go on a mini adventure down to the Mexican Radio restaurant. What attracted me was the fact to every review I had read about it mentioned hot sauce bottles. And Margaritas – Perfect!
At first it was a little bit hard to find, but what hole in the wall restaurant wouldn’t be? We arrived late afternoon for an early dinner and the bar was still packed. The restaurant was a little slow and we seated ourselves since the hostess seemed to not be around. Our waitress was busy running around, but once we got her attention, she was prompt and friendly.
One thing that I didn’t like right off the bat was the fact that the chips and salsa are not on the house. Expect to pay $3.50 if you want some. We ordered the chips & salsa and our margaritas on the rocks. The wife then made a bold moved and ordered the special that was displayed outside, a BBQ Chicken and Plantain Burrito. I played it a little more conservative and went for the Beef Chimichanga, which is listed on the menu as an employee favorite.
Once the food was ordered, I took a good look around the place to see all the hot sauces. Each table has between 2-6 unique bottles of hot sauce. Some range from the really hot (Blair’s After Death) to the more mild (Bat’s Brew) – While there were some clearly good choices laying around, I don’t know if I agree with all of the choices and you could tell the past customers agreed with me. Sauces like Ass Blaster and Ass Kickin’ Cajun were almost untouched, while the Marie Sharp’s and Blair’s were almost empty. But they do have a large variety, which allowed me to taste Marie Sharp’s Nopal/Prickly Pear Habanero Sauce – A sauce so delicious, expect to see it in the Sweat ‘N Spice store within a week.
The salsa at Mexican Radio was a mild salsa, mostly onions and tomatoes. In fact I don’t think there were any peppers in it at all, but the wife loved it. I added hot sauce to my chip every time I took a bite. Our meals arrived shortly and the wife ordered a Lava Lamp Margarita and I stayed with my standard on the rocks. Her Lava Lamp margarita was a regular margarita with a bit of frozen raspberry slush floating in it. The wife really enjoyed it on such a hot day.
The beef chimiganga was excellent and the wife really liked her BBQ Chicken and Plantain burrito. She breathed a sigh of relief after her first bite and dug into the remainder with zest. Overall it was an excellent find and we will definitely return again.

Nick Lindauer

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