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Restaurant Review: Dinosaur BBQ – New York, NY

Okay, so I’ve been to the New York Dinosaur BBQ twice in the last month. Okay, twice in the last two weeks really. Why? Cause it’s damn good. And people keep eating my food! I’m not a starving guy by far, but I still don’t like sharing my food. I grew up with too many brothers and sisters and if you didn’t eat it as fast as you could, you never knew when you’d get more food. I’m not talking about 3-4 brothers and sisters. I’m talking 16 brothers and sisters. The youngest is 4 and the eldest is now 25. I come from a family that’s 1/2 Mormon and 1/2 Catholic. Yeah, I’m surprised I’m not more screwed up. And I’m a triplet. Hell, I’m surprised I lived through my childhood.

So anyways, two weeks ago an old friend from Oregon was in town and he loves BBQ. I go to him for BBQ advice, he’s that good. But I decided that I should try to impress the guy with some NYC BBQ and Dinosaur was the perfect choice. We braved Harlem and the snow to feed our cravings.

Inside, the decor is just what you’d expect of a BBQ joint, license plates on the walls (a place after my own heart), wooden floors and the infamous Dinosaurs playing poker wall painting. There’s a bustling waitstaff, a bouncer and a hostess that all look like they love their jobs and love their BBQ.

The menu is simple and I had no qualms about going straight for the ribs. I ordered a 1/2 rack with a side of salt potatoes and mac & cheese. Jake ordered the big ass pork plate and we decided to split a pitcher of Dinosaur BBQ’s own Ape Hanger Ale.

First, the beer. I love beer. I’m a consosier of sorts without being a snob about it. I’ll drink Pabst Blue Ribbon if the mood suits me or I’ll go all out and get the strongest ale I can find. I also love whiskey, but that’s another story. The beer was great. A lite ale that for the lame beer drinker comes off as a cross between a Coors light and a Fat Tire Pale Ale. Don’t know what Fat Tire is? Find it online if you can’t find it in your local store, it will be worth the shipping cost. Yes, you can buy beer online. Try to get some Arrogant Bastard too. You’ll feel it in the morning and one 40 is enough for 2 people.

Our waitress was bootylicious. I can say that because in my second trip, I even caught my wife checking out her ass. And her name is Strawberry. That’s about all I can say about her without getting into trouble, but if you can, go check her out.

Okay, onto the BBQ! The ribs and the big ass pork plate were quick to arrive and we dug in without any fan fare. Being the nice guy that I am, I offered Jake a rib. He accepted and I gave him one rib. As he cleans off the bone, he declares it the best rib he’s ever had and that’s saying a lot.

The ribs are cooked for over 16 hours. You can tear them apart with your fingers and almost suck the meat off the bone. This night, knowing the wife was sick at home. I asked Strawberry if I could get the my exact order togo cause I knew I wouldn’t have any leftovers. Jake and I both cleaned our plates, finished the pitcher of beer and got the to go order. Now mind you it’s now close to 11 o’clock at night when I finally drag my ass in to the house. Jake and I, our minds muddled by the beer decided to finish up the night at the jazz bar below my apartment. But the BBQ ribs I had with me saved my ass because I distracted the wife with them and she could have cared less about what time I got in. She ate the entire order in one sitting and I’m sure she had eaten something earlier. Now, don’t get any ideas, she’s a knockout and the only woman I’ve ever dated that will actually eat. That’s why I married her. I think after the first time I saw her destroy a pizza I knew I was in love. She’s just one of those damn people with a high metabolism. My metabolism on the other hand needs to be jump started.

Okay, so after seeing the wife inhale the ribs that I brought home, I convinced her that she needed to come with me and get some of her own. So we went last night, before my flight to New Mexico, as a farwell dinner of sorts. I decided on the ribs again and I was trying to convice her to get the same, but she decided that she would order something different and just have “one” of my ribs. Hearing that, I immediately switched my order from a 1/2 rack to a full rack, that way I could be sure to get my fill of ribs and she could eat all she wanted.

I under estimated the size of a full rack of ribs. The plate itself had to be at least 2 feet long. This time around I decided to get a side of salt potatoes and an iceberg wedge (had to get some vegetables in). Again, being the nice guy that I am, I offered the wife a rib and she readily accepted my offer. I really do enjoy seeing her suck the meat off a bone. But when she reach for another, without asking, I had to resist the urge to use my fork to defend my plate. My twin brother Wayne would always defend his plate with his fork and I’ve got the scars on my hand to prove it.

This latest trip to Dinosaur BBQ was just as pleasing and filling as the first and as my wife says, it won’t be our last trip either. Next time I’ll be sure to make her order her own damn ribs. And we’re going to venture out on a limb and try the fried green tomatoes and I HATE tomatoes. Love salsa and anything made with tomatoes, but the fruit itself almost makes me gag. But that’s another story because my laptop battery is about to die.

Dinosaur BBQ NYC is located on the corner of 12th Ave. and 131st St.

Just South of Fairway Market and North of the Cotton Club
under the Riverside Drive Bridge.

Exit 125th street off of the Henry Hudson Highway

The closest subway stop is the 1,
at the intrsection of Broadway and MLK Blvd.

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