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Restaurant Review: Shopsin’s


Another great find from the Chowhound’s Guide to NYC (recommended heretacos found here) – Shopsin’s is the quentissential funky diner that tourists to the city wish they could find.

Shopsin's Rules

Who wouldn’t love a place that will throw a customer out if they start talking on a cell phone? Seriously, the wife and I have been here 3 times so far and each time when a cell phone rings the staff will tell the offender to leave. Freakin’ fantastic if you ask me. And don’t expect the staff to wait on you hand and foot – one guy will tell you where to sit, a young lady will take your order and one other guy will bring the food out – that’s about it. Everytime we’ve been there it’s the same set of staff.

Coffee is self serve and you better act fast when a new pot is finished brewing. And don’t be scared if you hear yelling and screaming in the kitchen – just be prepared to cover the ears of young ones if they are prone to picking up cuss words.

Inside Shopsin's

Inside Shopsin’s looks like a garage sale threw up on it. Eccletic does not even begin to describe the decor. It’s funky, old and random. Games like Connect Four are scattered throughout the dining room and toys are available to entertain the kids in your group.

Open only from Breakfast, Lunch and Weekend Brunch, Shopsin’s is the ultimate stop for a hungover weekend brunch. The place features over 900+ menu items (menu here – pdf)! 900 items you say? Yeah, and every single one we have tried has been excellent.


S.O.S – My personal favorite, not a dish that I’ve found on any other brunch menu in NYC. And it’s good and huge.

    Other menu highlights:

  • Fluffer Nutter Sandwiches (shakes too)
  • S.O.S.- eggs, creamed chipped beef, on buttered toast
  • ho cakes – corn meal, pignoli,caramel hearts
  • slutty cakes- pumpkin / pbutter, pistachio, cinn
  • 50+ Varieties of Pancakes

If you are in the city for breakfast or brunch, I suggest you check out Shopsin’s – hell, if your in the city give me a call and I’ll go with you – it’s going to take a while to try everything on the menu!

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