Posted June 28, 2007 by Anthony in Reviews

Restaurant Review – Wing Machine

Wing Machine

I thought the Defcon Match was to keep me away from wings for the next little while. So much for that thought. After an extremely muggy day here and being just to lazy to head out for dinner I decided to order in some pizza and wings. Pizza and wings here go together just chicken and ribs. The bad part is that most places specialize in one of the two and whatever else is just a second thought add on. (Swiss Chalet has their chicken and ribs done right!).

I am going to name names here now so if you are ever in the city and you need to order in, hopefully this will help.

Here are the big 6:

1) Pizza Pizza
2) 2 for 1 Pizza
3) Pizzaville
4) Pizza Nova
5) Domino’s
6) Pizza Hut

Take them for what they are.

Honestly to get a really good, and I mean really good slice of pie you have to go to the Magic Oven or Cora’s. Mamma’s is probably the best out of the smaller franchised places.

So what does this have to do with Wing Machine? Well the title alone does not strike up thoughts of pizza. But pass up this killer one two punch combo of wings and pizza and you are missing a gem of a meal. First off, these folks have baked wings down to a science. At most places a pound of wings will yield about 8-10 wings. Regardless of size this is just commonplace. Wing Machine offers 16-22 wings per lb. Yes, the wings are a BIT smaller but I find they almost yield more meat than most others. As I had mentioned in my Jumpin Johnny Review, Wing Machine actually has a great suicide sauce. While it may not induce the sweat and tears, it actually is quite tasty with enough heat for regular folk to actually take notice.

Now the pizza. I ordered a double pepperoni well done. This wasn’t a half hazard pie thrown together to accompany wings. From a great crust, to a zesty sauce, followed up with good cheese and to my surprise the pepperoni was actually spicy pepperoni.

I can’t mention anything about their other items, but I know they have been doing the wing and pizza combo for years. If you have the chance give them a try.