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Mancuso’s Hola!



Features: Central/South American, Mexican, Tex-Mex
Meals: Latin fare ranging from breakfast tacos and Salvadoran-style tamales to Honduran-style rotisserie chicken and shrimp cakes.
Signature Dishes: Standout item: Breakfast tacos
Location: 6565 Del Monte
Houston, TX 77057
713- 781-4652




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I didn't get food poisoning.


Raw meat - flavorless food. Black beans in the tacos.

Bottom Line

I love tacos – and have eaten them in every city/state & country I’ve traveled too. These were by far the worst I’ve ever had. I could not even finish the tacos – will not be returning.

Posted July 16, 2012 by

I’ve been to Mancuso’s Italian restaurant before – it’s a great place for wood fired pizzas that aren’t overly expensive. So while driving down the street, when I noticed someone holding a sign declaring “World’s Best Tacos Now Open”, I made a mental note to check it out. So Saturday, after my jerky was down on the grill, I took off to run some errands and before heading home, I stopped by Hola! and picked up a selection of tacos.

Menu on the outside

Hola! Tacos

From the menu, I picked out the “Brain Food”, the “Other White Meat” and “The Hard Stuff” tacos. The “Brain Food” contains Barbacoa, onions, cilanto and pico. The “Other White Meat” was listed on the menu as shredded Pastor Pork w/onions, cilantro, pico & pineapple relish. And the “Hard Stuff” is a crispy taco – listed as having ground beef, w/lettuce, cheese, pico and sour cream.

A Plate of Tacos

The “Brain Food” Taco

The “Brain Food” was awful – the barbacoa was mushy with tons of fat in it. The taco had black beans on it – and no pico. I could not finish this taco – and that’s never happened to me before. I actually didn’t even take a bit of it – after sampling the barbacoa, I knew this taco wasn’t going anywhere but in the trash.

The “Other White Meat” Taco

The “Other White Meat” wasn’t terrible – but again, it contained black beans (not listed on the menu) and the “pineapple relish” was merely chunks of pineapple that I’m sure came from a can. The pork was pulled pork, not Pastor Pork. I was able to finish this taco – with lots of hot sauce because it had basically no flavor. And why in the heck were black beans on the taco? That makes it a burrito! Yuck – and I love beans.

The “Hard Stuff” Taco

The “Hard Stuff” – well it looks like I’m missing a few things – like lettuce, cheese and sour cream. And if that’s the pico – well that needs a lot of help. The crispy tortilla was nice – but the taco itself was lacking – the beef had no flavor and there’s the tiny issue of missing 3/4 of the ingredients.

The “Hard Stuff” Taco

The worst part of my Hola! experience wasn’t even the “Brain Food” taco that I couldn’t eat – it was this:

Raw Ground Beef from the “Hard Stuff” Taco

Raw ground beef. Raw. Throughout all of the ground beef tacos. After taking one bite, I saw the raw beef and then proceeded to examined all of the hard tacos – each one was raw. Disgusting. I had ordered 4 tacos, they gave me 3 ground beefs even though I ordered 2, so I came home with 5 and I ended up only eating 1 taco (the Pastor). The rest went into the trash.

The good: I didn’t get food poisoning.

The bad: Everything listed above.


Nick Lindauer

The Original Hot Sauce Blog



    was planning on going here for lunch…will skip it now! hope the owners and manager reads this.

    Tom Hanna

    The menu actually says that the tacos have black beans, at least some of them. I enjoyed the place. YMMV


    I am not interested ın going back there it iş a joke got sick it iş not a taco it iş misleading and q tastles place

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