Posted December 24, 2005 by Anthony in Makers

Retro Review Volume II – Blair’s Possible Side Effects Hot Sauce

Mega Death, After Death, Original Death, for any chili-head these names are synonymous with quite possibly the greatest of Hot Sauces. Yes, Blair is responsible for all of these, but he is also responsible for another great sauce which for some reason has not garnered the recognition of its brethren. Perhaps it is its name. Perhaps it is because it doesn’t have the trademark graphics (although the yellow skull should be a dead giveaway). But make no mistake that this sauce ranks up there in heat and flavour as the rest of his line.

I am talking about Possible Side Effects. At 283,000 Scoville Units this fiery conction in my opinion is one of the most looked over of hot sauces. I remember when it was first released a few years ago, a time when extract sauces were just starting the Scoville war and when it WAS one of the hottest out there. I could only handle a micro drop at at time. I blame this sauce for making me go through Dave’s Insanity sauce like ketchup.

Now, a few years later and quite a few bottles later I still give it the respect it deserves. I find it to be quite possibly the tastiest sauce at that heat level and I think it is high time that chili-heads give it a try. If you are a collector and it is not on your shelf then shame on you.

The ingredients alone are quite inventive: Red Savina Habanero Chile, Cayenne Chile, Vinegar, Natural Pepper Flavoring, Orange Juice, Roasted Green Jalapeno Chile, Ground Pumpkin Seed, Salt, Potatoes, Spices.

Open this bottle, smell the greatness Blair has packaged in there. Pour some onto a plate and you can see all the ingredients. Put some on a cracker and taste all the subtle flavour packed in. This is truly a great sauce. If for some reason you have been holding back on this, I say make sure it is part of your next order.

Packaging – 8/10
Aroma – 9/10
Appearance – 10/10
Taste – 9/10
Heat – 9/10

Overall – 9.5/10