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Review: “Slap Ya Mama” White Pepper Blend

Slap Ya Mama White Pepper Seasoning

Being a hardened habbie-head, its natural to go for Cajun foods, or atleast the seasoning used in that cuisine. And I really dig it when a company puts out a product that not only is simple in it’s ingredients, but makes cooking that said food simple. Case in point: “Slap Ya Mama” white pepper blend seasoning. Is it a rub, is it a mix, is it a seasoning? It really doesn’t matter because you can use it for anything.

Made in the heart of Cajun Louisiana, this seasoning packs a serious one-two punch: First you get hit by the red pepper (I’m guessing cayenne), then a back-throat hit by the white pepper. When I first got it I was using it like I would use regular salt, shaking it on pasta, nachos, hot dogs, and even in salad dressings. So it can cover those bases, but I wanted to try it as a rub, so my wife went out and bought some pork steaks. I liberally rubbed this all over the pork, and grilled it.

Slap Ya Mama White Pepper Seasoning

The picture can’t begin to do the justice this seasoning deserves for bringing such flavor from the pork. It was absolutely divine, and what was really cool was how the individual flavors came out. First you taste the salt, then the cayenne, then the white pepper, without a heavy after-taste. Very flavorful, very crisp. Once you get it you’re going to find yourself using it on your dinner table.

So here’s my five point scale, where applicable.
Appearance: N/A- Looks like red salt. Deceivingly simple.
Smell: 3- Like pepper, with a hint of cayenne.
Taste: 4- It makes simple foods taste “fuller”, giving more depth.
Heat: 2.5- It’s in there, but if you like the hotter you may be disappointed.
Overall: 3.75-This is an all-around seasoning that does wonders on bland foods. Try it on the above mentioned, but it also works great on eggs and fried chicken, too.

Go out and get some, cook a meal for your friends and watch them marvel in your kitchen prowess. Until next time, treat every meal like it was your last!

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