Posted March 29, 2006 by Adam in Reviews

Review: Aw Shit

Aw Shit Seasoning Oh, Shit. Dan’s done it again. Just when you thought it was safe to use seasonings with no profanity on them, it comes. From the makers of Special Shit All-Purpose Seasoning comes a seasoning so hot, so spicy that it will dare you to speak its name. Say its name! Say it! Aw Shit.

Big Cock Ranch is the official “company” behind the line of Shit products, but it is single-handedly run by Dan Martin, cattle baron and all around kickass fellow. A few months ago, I had the opportunity to beta test the Aw Shit along with its other brother, the Good Shit. In my house, where there are two children under the age of 4, we have learned to replace the “shit” with “stuff.” Either that, or we shorten it to “Aw,” “Special,” or “Good.”

Aw Shit is specially blended for those who want to put a little zip in their doo-da. With a hot combo taste of Mexican meets Cajun, this seasoning profices just the right amount of kick to make you say “Aw Shit!”

Aw Shit SeasoningEven the most … ahem .. seasoned of chileheads just might say those words after trying out one of the latest seasonings from Big Cock Ranch, makers of the infamous Special Shit. The Aw Shit, packaged in the familiar 14oz. plastic bottle sports a dark green label and seasoning with a brick-red hue. The particles of the Aw Shit are noticeably finer than that of the Special Shit whose grains are large and perfect for rubbing into grilling meats.
Knowing some inside information about this, the Aw Shit was ground finer, not only to encourage sparing usage but also to enhance the heat of the ancho chile powder used. It makes sense, you know. The finer the particle, the more that can attach to your taste buds and cause you to say those words.

The Aw Shit is a lot like its brother, the Special Shit in terms of versatility. Sure, the Aw Shit packs a powerful punch, but it still goes great on a myriad of foods. Steaks, pork, chicken, and ribs are the obvious choice, but I also like to dust vegetables such as green beans or corn. It also goes great inside of scrambled eggs or breads.

As the label says, Aw Shit will get you reaching for the nearest beer, but without having to “bite the bullet” the next morning. This seasoning has a unique ability to be as hot or cool as you like but still retain a decent flavor. If you need just small amount of heat, lightly dust your meat with it. Or, if you like your mouth burnt, you just might want to slather it on. Either way, the flavor of the Aw Shit doesn’t get over or under powering.

Yes, I know the name is a little bit unique, perhaps a tad bit profane, but I gaurantee you will enjoy using this product on all the foods you make at home.