Posted November 5, 2006 by Anthony in Reviews

Review: Baby That’s Hot – Blazin Orange Hot Sauce

Baby That's Hot Blazin' Orange Hot Sauce

Now Baby’s that different is what came straight to mind as I unwrapped this sauce from the bubble wrap. The cute little container, label, and friendly orange sauce splashing inside was definitely different from what I am used to seeing. I thought the way this sauce was presented in the bottle it would have been great if it came with a brush attached to the lid. But then again I realize the unsanitary, messy factor that could be involved. Be warned though, this is extremely watery and the jar does not lend itself to easy pouring.

This sauce has to be one of the citrusiest sauces I have ever smelled. It is overloaded with orange but you can still pick out the peppers and spices in there. The apple cider vinegar also gives this sauce a nice punch.

Ingredients: Apple cider vinegar, oranges, peppers, spices.

The taste was definitely unique. For my field taste I marinated some wings in the sauce. After the wings marinated for a few hours in the fridge it was apparent that they had soaked up much of the sauce. After cooking up the wings you could still smell the tangy, citrusy aroma. A note to people who give this a try, a little goes a long way in regards to the flavor staying true to the original application. The taste was definitely unique. I had never had a spicy orange chicken wing before. The flavor carried over extremely well to the wing and I think this is something that many people would enjoy to experiment with. I definitely have to try this sauce on some fish or pork chops. That is where I think this sauce would shine best.

Orange Blaze is quite unique. I look forward to experimenting with it the future. Due to the very thin consistency of this product you may find yourself going through it very quickly. When I did cook with it though I was able to stretch a little of it a long way. So play around with the amount you need to use.

As for the heat, it would be on the lowmedium level. But a bit of zing does slice through the orange tang. If it was any hotter it would probably have been a bit too much.

I was quite impressed with this product and I look forward to trying it in some more recipes. Definitely worth a shot!

Packaging 9/10 ““ graphics are nice ““ jar design can make things get messy
Aroma 9/10 ““ A citrus, sweet orange blast
Appearance 7/10 ““ Bright Orange ““ extremely thin
Taste 7/10 ““ Might be an acquired taste for some
Heat 3/10 ““ just a slight amount of heat

Overall 7.5/10 ““ Worth a try!

Baby That’s Hot!
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